Top ABM Direct Mail Ideas To Get the Best Results

Top ABM Direct Mail Ideas To Get the Best Results
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Aida Kubatova
by Aida Kubatova

Account-based marketing is a strategy of targeting specific accounts with the highest potential for sales success with highly-personalized messages. One of the most effective ways to use ABM is direct mail marketing. Highly-personalized direct mail is a tangible way to reach high-value accounts. It can make your marketing and sales teams stand out from other companies’ digital marketing efforts, improve engagement and increase win rates. However, with so much direct mail flooding mailboxes, creating a campaign that stands out can be challenging. 

In this article, we will explore creative ABM direct mail ideas that can help you cut through the noise and boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

Why use direct mail for ABM campaigns?

Highly-personalized direct mail packages combined with digital marketing, such as ABM emails, create a unique customer experience and drive sales. 

Better engagement

46% of marketers use direct mail to engage their ABM list. Direct mail that resonates with the targeted accounts prompts them to contact sales representatives and discuss the products or services or take advantage of the offer. Personalized promo codes, coupons, and PURLs (or personalized URLs) are just a few examples of how to grab people’s attention and lead to sales. 

The recipients are more engaged with direct mail as it provides a physical representation of your company’s solutions. In turn, this makes direct mail outreach more memorable and impactful than digital marketing efforts. The customer experience of opening a direct mail can also create a sense of excitement and anticipation, leading to a more positive engagement with your company.

Higher win rates

Another benefit of using direct mail for account-based marketing is higher win rates. More than half of marketers saw some win rate improvement thanks to ABM programs, and 14% reported the improvement was significant. When you target specific accounts with personalized packages, you increase the chances of converting those prospects into customers. By showing that you understand their business needs and can provide solutions that address their unique challenges, you build trust and credibility with the prospect. This can lead to more successful sales conversations and, ultimately, higher win rates. Direct mail packages can also create a sense of urgency to motivate prospects to take action and move forward with your company’s solutions.

Improved ROI

Using direct mail as part of your ABM campaign can lead to an improved ROI. 92% of companies with mature ABM programs report higher ROI than other types of marketing. Direct mail may seem like an expensive marketing tactic. But when used strategically as part of an ABM campaign, it can be very effective at generating high-value customers. You can ensure that your marketing and sales resources are being used efficiently by focusing on targeted accounts with the highest potential for success. Additionally, direct mail packages can be tracked and measured, providing valuable insights into which ones are most effective and which accounts are responding best to your marketing efforts. This can help you refine your strategy and achieve even better results over time.

Cross-sell and upsell existing clients

Although 62% of companies use ABM to target prospects, it can also be directed at established customers. Direct mail can be a highly effective channel for account-based marketing campaigns aimed at cross-selling and upselling to existing clients. By personalizing your message and highlighting the benefits of your offering, you can use direct mail as a powerful tool to increase revenue growth from your existing client base. 

Different approaches to account-based marketing direct mail campaigns

There are various strategies to consider, when it comes to account-based marketing direct mail campaigns. These approaches can be combined when it’s relevant to achieve the best results.

One-to-one account approach

The one-to-one account approach is the most personalized and resource-intensive for ABM direct mail campaigns. It involves researching and identifying key decision-makers within a targeted account and crafting a highly-personalized direct mail package for each recipient.

The direct mail design should grab the recipient’s attention and showcase the value of your company’s solutions. It could include a personalized letter, a relevant case study, or a small gift with your company’s branding. The key is to make the recipient feel valued and understood, which leads to better engagement and higher win rates.

Here’s a personalized box concept which is highly effective for one-to-one ABM direct mail packages. With this approach, each box has a personalized message printed on it, which is tailored to each recipient. The box contains items that are specific to the customer’s interests, preferences, and needs. This approach is highly engaging and personalized, making it an effective way to build relationships with customers and drive sales.

A direct mail package concept
Source: Accurate Box

One-to-few accounts approach

The one-to-few accounts approach is a middle ground between the one-to-one and one-to-many approaches. It is a less expensive approach, still personalized, but without in-depth research of those targeted by the campaign. You identify a small group of targeted accounts with similar characteristics and craft a personalized direct mail package for each recipient. It should be designed to address the specific pain points and challenges of the audience. Aim to show that your company understands the unique needs of each targeted account and has solutions that can help them succeed.

HZ created a gift package to send to selected clients. The specially designed box contained a phone headset that the recipient can use with a phone or computer. The package emphasizes HZ’s effective communication abilities and invites clients to get in touch using the minimal contact information on the insert card.

HZ direct mail package
Source: Behance

In the example below, Jeep wanted to use its data on existing customers for the launch of the new Cherokee model. Their solution for the outreach was to make a direct mail kit that embodied the brand’s core values of adventure, freedom, and passion. The kit included a clock for “anytime”, a compass for “anywhere”, and flasks with pebbles, earth, and other natural elements. As a result, 76% of the customers visited Jeep dealers for a test drive, and many even placed pre-orders.

Jeep DNA box direct mail campaign
Source: Behance

One-to-many accounts approach

The one-to-many accounts approach is the least personalized but most scalable for ABM direct mail campaigns. You identify a larger group of targeted accounts with similar characteristics and send a more generic direct mail package to each recipient. Even if the message is less personalized than in the other approaches, it should still show your product’s benefits to the recipients.

This direct mail was sent to companies and the press to celebrate World Water Day in Belgium. It had a unique concept: the enclosed letter could only be read when held underwater, emphasizing the significance of water as the source of all knowledge.

Water Day direct mail package
Source: AdAge

The pop-up furniture direct mail piece from IKEA is a creative and attention-grabbing marketing strategy. The marketing piece promotes IKEA flat pack furniture and stylish bedroom accessories, and its clever message highlights the convenience and ease of creating the bedroom of your dreams with IKEA products.

IKEA’s direct mail piece
Source: US Data Corporation

Inspirational ABM direct mail ideas that really work

When it comes to ABM direct mail campaigns, think outside the box and get creative with your mailings. Here are some ABM campaign examples you can try.

Create a multi-channel strategy

One of the most effective ways to improve your ABM direct mail campaigns is to integrate direct mail with other marketing channels. By doing so, you can carry an exciting real-world interaction into the realm of digital communication and provide a consistent and cohesive customer experience across multiple touchpoints. Here are some ideas for a multi-channel strategy:

  • Use email to inform recipients about the delivery and follow up after a campaign.
  • Connect with significant prospects on social media to foster relationships.
  • Set up digital advertising campaigns to keep your brand top of mind. 

This way you can reinforce your direct mail messages and drive more engagement and conversions. 

You can start by sending a direct mail, followed by an email. With the Selzy email marketing platform, you can create and customize email templates, schedule and send automated follow-up emails, and track email opens and click-through rates. Selzy also allows you to set up triggers, so you can automate certain actions based on recipient behavior or responses. After the email is sent, you then can follow up with either another email or a phone call. After that, you can opt for communication through social networks to continue the campaign.

Royal Canin sent out a custom swag box to its customers. The direct mail campaign was accompanied by a social media kit. The swag box was tailored to the customer’s pet’s specific needs and included items like pet food, treats, and toys. The social media kit included branded graphics and captions that customers could use when posting about their pets on social media. This direct mail package was a great way for Royal Canin to show its appreciation for its customers while also promoting its brand on social media.

A direct mail piece from Royal Canin
Source: Sneller Creative

Make personalization your priority

Personalization is key to the success of your ABM direct mail campaigns. By tailoring your messages and offers to the specific needs and interests of your target accounts, you can increase the relevance and effectiveness of your communications and build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects. Some effective personalization tactics include using variable data printing, customizing the design and content of your mail pieces, and offering personalized gifts and incentives. sent personalized cards to their customers, offering discounts and showcasing various travel destinations. This direct mail aimed to entice customers to book their next trip through their personalized link. Click the slider below to see the campaign:

A personalized direct mail campaign from
Source: Really Good Direct Mail
A personalized direct mail campaign from
Source: Really Good Direct Mail

Also, here’s a concept of a personalized memory mix direct mail package. The package could include a unique code or link to access the customized playlist, along with a branded USB or CD containing the music. The playlist could be tailored to the recipient’s musical preferences or the purpose of the direct mail campaign.

A personalized memory mix direct mail concept
Source: Behance

Include a clear CTA with every mail you send

Your direct mail pieces should include a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) that motivates your target accounts to take the next step. Whether it’s visiting your website, requesting a demo, or contacting your sales team, make your CTA easy to understand and follow. Plus, it should provide a clear value proposition to your recipients.

The MDVIP direct mail package is an eye-catching and playful approach to promoting its wellness plan. The package includes a clear CTA with an inflatable life raft that recipients can twirl around their finger. The brochure details the benefits of the wellness plan, encouraging recipients to sign up. 

A direct mail from MDVIP with a clear CTA
Source: Unified Manufacturing

Make the story about your audience, not about yourself

The direct mail package should focus on the recipient’s needs, challenges, and pain points and how the company’s solutions can help them. By creating a customer-centric message, companies can increase the chances of engagement and response from the recipients.

Mortierbrigade designed a life-size foldable closet as a unique direct mail campaign for Levi’s to promote their new clothing line to the press. It allowed Levi’s to showcase their new line in a visually stunning and interactive way. The foldable closet was an excellent example of creating a customer-centric message and generated significant buzz and excitement around the new Levi’s line.

A direct mail piece from Levi’s
Source: LetterFriend

The Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box is a unique direct mail package that plays on the irresistible combination of pizza and movies. This innovative promotion features a pizza box that doubles as a movie projector, complete with a lens, smartphone stand, and a QR code that leads to a playlist of free movies. With this creative marketing campaign, Pizza Hut has not only captured the attention of pizza lovers but also movie enthusiasts, making it a highly engaging and memorable direct mail package.

Pizza Hut Blockbuster box
Source: Dieline

Aim to provide a fun and exciting experience

Finally, to make your ABM direct mail campaigns stand out and grab your target accounts’ attention, provide a fun and exciting experience that engages and entertains them. For example, you can use creative and interactive formats, such as pop-up mailers, scratch-off cards, or augmented reality, or offer exclusive and valuable content, such as whitepapers, case studies, or free trials. Use these direct mail ideas to make your direct mail pieces memorable and enjoyable, so your recipients will more likely engage with your brand and take action.

Fairways, an importer of Renault, Jeep, and Mitsubishi cars based in Cyprus, needed to inform its customers about new showroom locations. Instead of calling them, they used a more creative solution — direct mail cards with a cutout pattern that could be assembled into a moving van with the Fairways logo on it. This unique approach effectively communicated the showroom relocation to their customers and was fun to build.

Fairways direct mail piece
Source: Behance

The Synoptik direct mail campaign seeks to engage potential customers and drive sales. This direct mail package includes a personalized envelope with puzzle pieces that offer various discounts and incentives when combined. This unique approach captures the recipients’ attention and encourages them to engage with the promotion and take advantage of the offered discounts.

Synoptik direct mail piece
Source: Behance


ABM direct mail outreach is a powerful tool to reach high-value accounts and generate better engagement, higher win rates, and improved ROI. Follow these tips to create successful ABM direct mail campaigns that drive results and boost overall marketing and sales efforts:

  • Create a multi-channel strategy.
  • Make personalization your priority.
  • Include a clear CTA with every mail you send.
  • Make the story about your audience, not about yourself.
  • Aim to provide a fun and exciting experience.

ABM direct mail campaigns should be part of your multi-channel marketing strategy together with digital marketing channels to create a seamless customer experience. By providing fun and exciting pieces, you will increase the chances of engagement and response from the recipients.

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