Best Account Based Marketing Campaign Examples You Can Learn From

Best Account Based Marketing Campaign Examples You Can Learn From
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Maria Bidogaeva
by Maria Bidogaeva

Want to use an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign for your business but don’t have enough ideas? This article will help you out! Keep reading to learn about the most successful ABM campaigns and get some fresh ideas.

What is an ABM campaign?

An account-based marketing (ABM) campaign is a strategy aimed at working with the key accounts. ABM helps attract those accounts by personalizing the offers and focusing on working with individual/key accounts in general. 

You can reach your target audience through:

When do you need it?

If you are sending tons of emails every day but don’t get enough leads, an ABM campaign is the best tactic for you. ABM campaign focuses on working with high value accounts. You can grab the attention of your prospects by creating some unusual strategy, showing benefits, or any other way.

An account-based marketing (ABM) campaign can result into:

  • Increased return on investment
  • Maximized budget
  • Accomplished financial goals
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved customers’ experience
  • Fast decision-making
  • High engagement rate

Best examples of ABM campaigns

So, what can an ABM marketing campaign be like? Have a look at some of the best ABM campaign examples below.


SourceDay is a platform that improves supply chain performance by connecting enterprise resource planning with direct material suppliers. SourceDay usually participates in conferences to promote their company.

What was their ABM approach?

Since the competition tends to be high, they decided to create interactive demos as an ABM tactic. These product demos allow the prospects to experience the product before buying it. SourceDay did their research and prepared the demos for the prospects that they wished to work with.

Why was it a good choice?

This ABM strategy allowed their potential customers to experience the platform beforehand.  SourceDay created 30 opportunities at the latest conference they attended. Moreover, their solutions consultants can spend 30% less time on early-stage demos now.

SourceDay’s webpage for scheduling a demo
Source: SourceDay

New Relic

New Relic is a cloud-based software that helps track websites and applications’ performance. The company was founded in 2008.

What was their ABM approach?

New Relic wanted to motivate the existing signups and visitors to take action. So, they used free items as their ABM strategy.

The prospects could get a free T-shirt for installing New Relic’s agent. New Relic also created a landing page for this campaign.

New Relic’s promo T-shirt
Source: New Relic

Why was it a good choice?

This ABM campaign delivered New Relic 30% more leads. Moreover, their prospects were promoting this campaign on their social networks by posting the pictures of their T-shirts.


One of the best examples of an ABM campaign is GumGum’s case. GumGum is a company that specializes in contextual advertising. They use artificial intelligence to analyze a webpage’s potential.

What was their ABM approach?

GumGum decided to appeal to T-Mobile’s CEO by doing their research. They discovered that he was a fan of comic books. So, for their ABM campaign, they created a special comic named T-man and Gums unusually demonstrating their potential. In the comic, the superheroes fight bad cell phone service while having computer vision superpowers.

GumGum's comic T-man and Gums
Source: Twitter

Another successful ABM tactic by GumGum is their campaign for McDonald’s. They decided to reach out to them by creating a burger kit where each ingredient represented the company’s strengths.

GumGum's burger kit for McDonald's
Source: Twitter

Why was it a good choice?

GumGum’s creative approach in ABM provided them a chance to meet with both companies they were aiming for.


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform founded in 2011.

What was their ABM approach?

Salesloft implemented a gift system as their ABM campaign. It allowed them to distribute personalized gifts to their potential customers. After receiving the gifts, the prospects became aware of the companies and their potential. It also helped engage them in other campaigns as well.

Why was it a good choice?

For Salesloft, this ABM tactic resulted in a 9% increase in new meeting attendance and 20% of the gifts sent created new opportunities. It could also increase customer loyalty, because the prospects could learn more about the company and its potential.


O2 is a British telecommunication company first formed in 1985.

What was their ABM approach?

Since O2 is a part of a highly competitive market, they needed a strategy that could make them stand out.

For their ABM tactic, they decided to send out personalized offers to their clients. These offers showed all the benefits they could get by working with O2. They included detailed information on possible financial incomes. After the prospects received the reports, they could have a face-to-face meeting with a sales executive from O2.

O2’s ABM messages
Source: The Marketing Practice

Why was it a good choice?

The companies that received the report were highly engaged since they could see all the specific numbers themselves. This ABM campaign also resulted in an increased conversion.


RollWorks is an ABM platform for B2B organizations’ marketing and sales. They identify key buyers and target accounts and help reach them.

What was their ABM approach?

RollWorks came up with the idea of direct mailing for their own ABM strategy. They created different kits for their prospects: Door Opener Kit, Post-Meeting Kit, and Over-the-Line Kit. Each kit contained different items depending on the status of the prospect. For example, their Post-Meeting Kit included a poster with advice on how to build better campaigns and a note from the seller.

RollWorks’ direct mail kits
Source: Instagram

Why was it a good choice?

This creative method increased RollWorks’ appointment rate to 10,2% and closing rate to 41%.


Salsify is an e-commerce software company that provides brands with analyzing and tracking tools. It was founded in 2011.

What was their ABM approach?

Salsify was preparing for a road-show event in New York with Google and Johnson & Johnson and sharing their experience on e-commerce. So, their marketing and sales teams decided to launch their ABM campaign to attract more registrants.

Salsify chose to use a multi-channel method. The marketing team sent messages to their targeted list of accounts first. Then they also used display and targeted advertising and emails and left the rest to the sales team. If you want to try their method and use email marketing, make sure to check out marketing campaign ideas.

Why was it a good choice?

After just two hours, they managed to get 82 registrations, which exceeded their set conversion goal by 22% making their ABM approach successful. 


Robin is a company that provides software and tools for conference room scheduling. It was founded in 2014.

What was their ABM approach?

Robin decided to raise their brand awareness by landing a simple yet creative ABM strategy. They were showing the images of their customers’ offices on their social media platforms. Then, they used targeted advertising to promote these posts. People love beautiful visual content more than boring talks about tech. So, instead of creating a complicated and pricey ABM campaign, they decided to show people in what offices they could work after reserving them with Robin’s software.

A picture of an office in Robin's Instagram post
Source: Instagram

Why was it a good choice?

This simple and creative ABM tactic helped Robin increase website traffic by 50% and leads by 20%


Form is a platform that allows front line teams to improve their performance by managing tasks, data collection, and other aspects. It was founded in 2001.

What was their ABM approach?

Form decided to use interactive demos for their prospect accounts as an ABM campaign. They went through the list of their target accounts to learn more about their needs and pain points. Through their demos, Form highlighted the strengths of their platform and showed how the prospects could benefit from working with them.

Why was it a good choice?

The front line team workers were unaware of Form’s potential. That’s why these interactive demos were a great chance to get familiar with the product and understand its value. This ABM tactic allowed Form to increase conversion and generate more leads at a lower price.


Payscale is a software that helps manage employees’ compensation. It was founded in 2002.

What was their ABM approach?

Payscale mainly aimed at new startups, so they decided to use targeted advertising to reach them. To do that, they also did their research to find the key decision makers within the target accounts. Their marketing and sales team cooperated to identify them based on the company’s parameters, such as job title. The sales team provided the information, and the marketing team set up the campaigns.

Why was it a good choice?

This detailed ABM strategy:

  • Decreased the time to close for active opportunities by 45%
  • Increased their conversion rate
  • Increased return of the investment
  • Increased target account traffic by 500%


Unity is a 2D and 3D games development platform. Unity was already famous in the gaming sphere. However, they decided to aim at the architecture industry and expand their possibilities.

What was their ABM approach?

They created a few ABM campaigns demonstrating their technologies and how the architecture industry can benefit from them. One of their ABM campaigns was an augmented reality map in a notebook. This map demonstrates Unity’s abilities while keeping the prospects engaged.

Unity's notebook with an augmented reality map
Source: Digital Radish

Why was it a good choice?

This creative ABM approach successfully showcased the company’s product and presented the company’s values at the same time.


The ABM campaign is one of the best practices for B2B businesses. It’s a chance to get as creative as possible, since there are plenty of ways to create ABM campaigns according to your and your customer’s preferences. ABM marketing requires a lot of research. However, the result is worth the effort.

Remember that you can always try our email service if you want to get your email marketing on the next level.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Let us know your favorite ABM campaign example in the comments below.

17 November, 2022
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