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Create Your Custom Unsubscribe Page

An unsubscribe page is the page that opens when you click on the unsubscribe link in an email sent via Selzy. On this page, your subscriber can opt out of receiving emails (unsubscribe) and specify their unsubscribe reasons.

When a new list is created, it is assigned a default unsubscribe page which can be viewed in the "Tools" Section  — "Unsubscribe pages".

Section "Tools" — "Unsubscribe pages".

On the default unsubscribe page, the subscriber opts out of receiving all your emails and can explain why he/she made this decision.

Default unsubscribe page.

Based on the default unsubscribe page template , you can create your own custom unsubscribe page by adding additional unsubscribe settings, as well as changing its appearance.

Creating an unsubscribe page

To create a new unsubscribe page, go to "Tools" section — "Unsubscribe pages" and click "New page".

Creating a new unsubscribe page.

Configure settings for the new page. You can add up your own unsubscribe reasons, prevent contacts from resubscribing via the unsubscribe link, or configure unsubscribing from specific email lists.

The setting block for a new unsubscribe page.

You can also design an unsubscribe page in your corporate style by adding a "header" and a "footer" — the top and the bottom margins of the page. To do this, insert the HTML code into the specified blocks.

A block to enter HTML code for the "header" and "footer" of the unsubscribe page.

By default, the unsubscribe page tab icon shows the Selzy dog. You can replace it with your website icon by inserting the link in the Page Icon field.

A block to change the icon for the unsubscribe page.

Setting up the unsubscribe reason block

For a unsubscribe new page, you can completely disable the unsubscribe reason feature, provide a chance to specify it optionally, or make this step required.

Selecting the conditions for entering the unsubscribe reasons.

You can ask the subscriber to explain why they do not want to receive your emails (any text) or choose the reason to unsubscribe from the suggested list. You can leave both options enabled.

Selecting the unsubscribe reason option.

If you want, you can edit the list of reasons by adding your own options and removing options you don't need.

Changing the unsubscribe reason list.

Statistics on unsubscribe reasons is available on the page "Tools" — "Unsubscribe reasons".

A section where you can view all unsubscribe reasons given by subscribers who opted out.

After reviewing the unsubscribe reasons , you can understand what exactly the recipients do not like in your mailings, and make them better.

How to disable resubscription via the unsubscribe link

Contacts can either unsubscribe from receiving emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email, or resubscribe to the newsletter by clicking on it again.

If you do not want subscribers to have this option, select the Disable resubscription condition.

Disabling resubscription on the unsubscribe page settings.

In this case, the recipients will be able to subscribe to your newsletter again only through the subscription form.

Adding the header and footer to the unsubscribe page

The default unsubscribe page has only a block with contact data and input/selection fields.

To add the top and bottom margins of the unsubscribe  page, the so-called "header" and the "footer", insert the HTML code in special blocks. This way you can create an unsubscribe page in corporate style by adding a logo, a block with contacts, and links to social media  websites.

Adding header to the unsubscribe page.

Unsubscribing from specific lists

By default, contacts are unsubscribed from all newsletters of the account. If you want to set up unsubscription from specific  lists, uncheck the "Unsubscribe from all lists".

Configuring unsubscription from specific contact lists.

In this case, when opting out, the contact will have the Unsubscribed status only in the list to which the email was sent. In the other lists, the subscriber will still have the Activate status.

What is a status of email address and how it changes

You can allow subscribers to choose which newsletters to receive. To do this, specify the lists that will be displayed on the unsubscribe page. You check the box next to the list name — you subscribe; you uncheck the box — you unsubscribe.

Customizing unsubscription from a list

Selecting the lists that the subscriber will see when unsubscribing.

Starting using your unsubscribe page

After creating an unsubscribe page, give it a name and click "Publish".

Publishing an unsubscribe page.

Your unsubscribe page will be checked by a moderator, after which its status on the "Tools" page— "Unsubscribe pages" will change to "Approved".

An approved unsubscribe page.

The unsubscribe page is specified separately for each contact list. To select the unsubscribe page you created, open the list, "Go to camaign defaults", and select your page on the Pages and links tab. Save your changes.

How to choose unsubscribe page How to choose unsubscribe page

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