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What Does Email Address Status Indicate and When It Changes

Each contact in Selzy has its status that is divided into two fields:

  •       "status" —  an indication of the recipient activity or engagement levels (active, unsubscribed, or deactivated).
  •       "availability" — the status of the email address (whether the email  address is valid, whether the mailbox is full).
contact status

"Active-new" is the contact's status, which indicates that the contact has not yet received an email. And "available" means that the contact has a valid email address and has given you permission to email them.

Status and availability may change independently from each other. For example, the email status may be "active" and the availability may be "server classifies it as spam". This means that the recipient's mail server rejected the message when it was last sent because it was identified as spam, so the address is currently unavailable. But such unavailability is temporary, after some time the mailbox will become "available" again.


Emails are sent only to addresses with the status "active/available" and "active-new/available".

In contact list, the number of active and inactive subscribers is shown under the name of list.

In contact lists

You can as well choose all contacts with a particular status on the All Contacts page or within a particular list.

How to choose all contacts with one specific status

Now, learn more about the contact  status types  and availability of contacts.


Status What does it mean
Active-new The address has just been added to your list and can receive newsletters. So far, the address has not received a single email.
Confirmation is requested The recipient is subscribed via the subscription form or via API, and a confirmation email has been sent to them. But the recipient hasn't clicked the link in the confirmation email yet.
Active The recipient is ready to receive newsletters. For example, you added it manually, imported it, or they opted in through the subscription form.
Deactivated You disabled the address manually. This address can be re-enabled.

How to enable or disable contacts.

Unsubscribed from all newsletters The recipient selected "unsubscribe from all newsletters" on the unsubscribe page. You cannot send newsletters to this address.
Unsubscribed from the newsletter The recipient on the unsubscribe page selected "unsubscribe from the newsletter" instead of "unsubscribe from all newsletters".  This means that the contact has not unsubscribed from all newsletters, but only from the list in which he has been  assigned this status. But you still can send him newsletters from other lists.
Blocked The address is blocked by Selzy. Usually, blocking is enabled based on requests and complaints from recipients.


Availability What does it mean
Available Emails reach this address normally. Another case is that no newsletters have been sent to the address yet, so it is available by default.
Not available Attempts to deliver emails to this address have repeatedly failed. The system no longer sends emails to this address.
Temporarily not available The last email sent to this address failed due to external reasons — the recipient's mail server was unavailable or refused to accept the email. It will become available later.

When will it become  available?

The mailbox is full The recipient's mailbox has run out of space. It will become available later. Once the mail box becomes available, the email will be resent automatically

When will it become  available?

The server classifies it as spam During the last sending, the recipient's mail server rejected  the message, classifying  it as spam. It will become available later.

When will it become available?

The recipient considers it as spam The recipient moved the email to  the Spam folder or sent a complaint.

Restoration of availability

There are several types of availability in Selzy that are enabled temporarily. After that, the subscriber automatically becomes available. These types of availability are:

Temporarily not available

For example, the recipient's mail server is configured incorrectly and in response to sending an email it sent a notice of temporary delivery  failure You can try to resend  the email later.

The mailbox is full

The recipient has no space for new emails in their mailbox. If there is space in the mailbox, next time you send it, the email will be delivered.

The server considers it as spam

The recipient's server rejected the last email because it classified it as spam. You can send the newsletter later, when spam filters of the mail service will be reset. Or you can contact the mail service to resolve the problem earlier.

Do not delete such contacts. These addresses will become available automatically after a while.

The time period of the availability restoration is set by the system for each contact individually and depends on:

  •       The period during which emails should not be sent to the address.
  •       The number of failed attempts to deliver emails to this email address. The more unsuccessful attempts, the longer the period will be.

The minimum period is 5 days.

The maximum period is more than 400 days or until the address becomes permanently not available.

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