Preparing Contacts for Import

You can import contacts to Selzy from a file. Before importing, make sure that the file meets the requirements.

File format and size

The following file formats: CSV, XLS, XLSX, and TXT  are supported for upload.


XLS and XLSX files may have additional formatting elements, table borders, formulas, merged cells, and other elements that that prevent importing the data correctly. Therefore, we recommend that you save your XLS and XLSX files as CSV files.

You can use Latin and Cyrillic letters, numbers, dashes, spaces, and symbols .,_#!№() in the file name.

The file encoding is UTF-8. Learn more about how to change the file encoding to UTF-8.

The maximum file size is 20 MB.

The maximum number of columns in a file is 50.

Required fields

In Selzy, there is one required field — "Email". Therefore, to upload a contact, the contact row must also include the email address along with the phone number.


Contacts  without email addresses will not be uploaded.

If you don't have email addresses, you can add stub addresses instead.

How to add stub addresses to phone numbers in Excel

File structure

Each email must be in a separate cell. If there are two or more emails in the same cell, only one of them will be uploaded.

Each column must have one data type.

If this is an import from text, the fields must be separated by a comma, semicolon, or tab.

The date format is DD.MM.YYYY.

The following is an example of  a correctly formatted data in a spreadsheet:


The following is an example of incorrectly formatted data in a spreadsheet:


Lines with multiple addresses and redundant data in the Email field will be uploaded incorrectly

Format of phone numbers

If the file contains phone numbers, they must be in international format, starting with the + symbol and the country code, or starting with the country code. For example, +79161234567 or 79161234567 are correct formats.

Сountry Wrong number
Correct number
Russia 89161234567 +79161234567
Ukraine 0661234567 +380661234567
Belarus 80295123456 +375295123456
Kazakhstan 87015511222 +77015511222

How to Import Phone Numbers

After preparing the file containing contacts, we can proceed to their import to import.

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