How to Use the Import Error Report

Sometimes when importing, some contacts are not imported into the list due to errors. You can get a detailed error report to fix them and try to import your contacts again.

How to download the error report

Immediately after the import

Immediately after importing contacts, click on the button as shown in the screenshot.

download the error report after importing contacts.

In the Import History section

You can also download reports by clicking  the Contacts dropdown menu, then selecting "Import history".

Download the error report through the import history

To download, click on the "Error Report".

what to click to download.

Import reports are available for 7 days.

How does the error report look like

The report is downloaded in CSV format.

csv report format.

Examples of errors in email adresses:

  • Incorrect email format. Email address contains spaces, cyrillic characters or other invalid characters.
  • Incorrect phone format. The phone number contains spaces, cyrillic characters or other nonadmissible characters.
  • Recurring email address. Duplicate email. When importing, they will be deduplicated automatically, and only one email address will be imported automatically.

You can also receive a warning, for example:

  • There may be a typo in the domain name in the address. For example, yandex.ry instead of It is advisable to check these addresses.


Contacts with errors in rows are not added, but contacts with warnings are added.

How to fix errors and import contacts again

  1. In the error report file, look at the row number in the first column.
  2. Find an error in the report in the Message column.
  3. In the file that we imported, find the row by number and fix the error.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the other rows.
  5. Save the file and import it to Selzy again.


We imported a file with errors in contacts.

file with errors.

After importing contacts, we download the error report.

unloading the report.

Now we edit:

1.In the first column, we see that the error is in row 2. We keep the line number in mind.

2.In the Message column, we see that the reason for the error is an incorrect email format. The file contains an email address "[email protected] om" — there is an extra space in the domain part of the address.

3.Go to the file that we imported. In the second row, delete the space.

editing the error.

4.Do the same steps for the row 4. The email address contains extra dots, so we delete them.

editing the error.

5.This is what the edited file looks like:

edited file.

We save it and import it again. The file is imported without errors.

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