St. Patrick’s Day Email Marketing Examples for Engagement

St. Patrick’s Day Email Marketing Examples for Engagement
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Maria Bidogaeva
by Maria Bidogaeva

Just like any other holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to promote your business. In this article on St. Patrick’s Day email marketing, you’ll learn about the key elements of a successful holiday email marketing campaign, some St. Patrick’s Day email marketing examples for your inspiration, and more.

The importance of St. Patrick’s Day email marketing

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated on March 17th. It commemorates the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, as well as the birth of Christianity in Ireland. In the modern world, the holiday also celebrates Irish culture and is usually marked by wearing green outfits, eating traditional Irish food, drinking, and parades.

According to NRF, 61% of consumers planned to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in 2023, with the average spending plan of $43.84 on holiday-related items, and $6.85 billion in total.

The most popular purchase on St. Patrick’s Day is food, closely followed by beverages. Consumers are also likely to spend money on clothes, accessories, decorations, candy, greeting cards, and gifts.

An infographic titled “Consumer plans for St. Patrick’s Day 2023” with the key figures
Source: NRF

For other holidays, check out our holiday email marketing calendar not to miss an important event!

Key elements of successful St. Patrick’s Day email campaigns

So, how do you make your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing successful? Here are some tips you can follow to make sure your customers feel the holiday spirit. 

Engaging subject lines

The first thing that your subscribers notice is the subject line. For your email, you can use various holiday-related emojis, such as 🍀🌈🤞💚🎩. It is also a great opportunity to incorporate wordplay to grab your customers’ attention (all those “You shamrock my world”s).

Festive email design

As for the email design, you can get as creative as possible. Brands typically use greenish colors and incorporate themed images and symbols, such as leprechaun, pot of gold, four-leaf clover, and rainbow . Depending on the type of business you promote, you can also experiment with your product or service.

Personalization strategies

Make sure to define your audience’s interests and preferences. To do so, divide your recipients based on their demographics, past purchase history, and other relevant factors.

For the St. Patrick’s Day email marketing strategy, you can segment your subscribers based on their previous purchases associated with the holiday. It may be green clothes, party supplies, or other items.

Exclusive offers and promotions

The holiday season is also a great opportunity to provide special offers and promotions. Consider launching a sale or offering an exclusive promo code for your subscribers. For the e-commerce business, you can also include some items with the updated pricing in the email.

Interactive content

Think about including some interactive content. It might be a photo contest for your customers wearing your items or a poll of a favorite Irish dish.

Best St. Patrick’s Day email marketing examples

Find some gold at the rainbow end with our selection of the best St. Patrick’s Day email marketing examples. We’ve gathered various brands’ case studies to showcase different ways of celebrating the holiday. Keep reading to gain some inspiration!

Athletic Brewing

Subject line: Ready for this Red Ale? 🍀

An Athletic Brewing email showcasing a can of Irish red
Source: Really Good Emails

This email from Athletic Brewing doesn’t use traditional St. Patrick’s Day imagery. However, the vibrant colors represent the spirit of the holiday without being too clichéd. 

The phrase “make your own luck” in this context is used to make the audience embrace the holiday spirit and create their own experience of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It also suggests to include the featured Irish red ale in the holiday celebration. 

Bums & Roses

Subject line: Cuteness Level = CLOVERLOAD 🍀

A Bums & Roses email with a baby wearing printed pajamas
Source: Milled

Bums & Roses is a babywear brand based in the USA. In their email campaign on St. Patrick’s Day, they showcase the newly launched holiday-themed sleepwear and daywear collections, along with some other items dedicated to the holiday.

A part of Bums & Roses email showcasing a holiday-themed blanket
Source: Milled

They also made a play on words in their subject line, adapting it to their niche, while not making it too stereotypical and overused.

Warrior 12

Subject line: Don’t Miss Saint Patrick’s Collection

A part of Warrior 12 email with St. Patrick’s Day clothing
Source: Milled

Warrior 12 is an American apparel brand that focuses on patriotic-style clothing. In their Saint Patrick’s email campaign, the brand showcased its new themed collection. Warrior 12 also avoids cliché symbols in their email, preserving the brand’s signature color and style.

A part of Warrior email in their signature style
Source: Milled

Geometry LLC

Subject line: We’re seeing green! St. Patrick’s Day just dropped.

A Geometry LLC email with St. Patrick’s Day printed towels
Source: Milled

Geometry is a textile brand producing kitchen towels. In their holiday campaign, the company also presented their St. Patrick’s Day collection, promising that the newly dropped items will “turn everyday into your lucky day.” The image features traditional holiday colors while not being too vibrant and fitting the brand’s aesthetics.

Stadium Goods

Subject line: St. Patrick’s Kicks

A Stadium Goods email showcasing different green sneakers
Source: Mailcharts

Stadium Goods is a marketplace specializing in sneakers and streetwear. In this email marketing campaign, the e-commerce platform made a selection of green sneakers to celebrate the holiday. The green font also transcends the holiday spirit as it reminds of a four-leaf clover.


Subject line: Save some green this St. Patrick’s Day 🍀

A Crocs email with green shoes and holiday-themed jibbitz
Source: MailCharts

Crocs’ email also showcases their green items with some festive jibbitz. The email effectively uses the holiday as a chance to display some special offers, like free shipping and a discount.


Subject line: St. Patrick’s Day is just around the clover! 🍀🌈

An Envelopes email with a green envelope with a rainbow picture inside
Source: MailCharts

Envelopes’ email incorporates the holiday’s colors and symbols along with the wordplay in the subject line. The company launched some items for St. Patrick’s Day, including holiday-themed envelopes. In this email, they took an opportunity to make the holiday about them: the email encourages the audience to send invitations to the holiday celebration using their products.


Subject line: Want to Make Your Saint Patrick’s Day Extra Special? ☘️

A Nuts email with green chocolate beans in a pot
Source: MailCharts

Nuts is a brand specializing in snacks. In their campaign, they announced a new offer in a unique way. The company showcased one of its products — mint chocolate-covered espresso beans as a pot of gold. While not mentioning the holiday name nor using any symbols in the picture, you could clearly tell what holiday the brand is celebrating even if the brand didn’t mention the holiday name or used any symbols in the picture.

Ivory Ella

Subject line: 🍀 Our St. Patrick’s Day Tee just dropped

An Ivory Ella email showcasing a green long sleeve t-shirt with a holiday-themed elephant print
Source: MailCharts

Ivory Ella is a for-profit company that donates some of its proceeds to non-profit organizations specializing in saving elephants. In their email, they incorporated the holiday theme into their signature image of an elephant. The email includes some pictures of the items with the pricing. The company also let the recipients know that the new items are limited, making the offer more desirable.

Filippo Loreti

Subject line: Green is the new black

A Filippo Loreti email with green watch
Source: MailCharts

A watch brand, Filippo Loreti decided to focus on the holiday color in its campaign. The company made a selection of its items in the St. Patrick’s Day color and provided a holiday-themed promo code for a discount offer.

Midwest Supplies

Subject line: Don’t Miss Brewing in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

A Midwest Supplies email featuring three glasses of beer with a green quilt in the background.
Source: MailCharts

Midwest Supplies is a brand specializing in wine-making and homebrew supplies. In its email, the brand promotes Irish beer recipe kits called “Kilty Pleasure”. As one of the most popular purchases during the holiday is drinks, the brand’s offer is very relevant, and it matches the seasonal demand perfectly. The email targets customers wishing to spend the holiday at home, making it easy for them to participate in the celebration.

Bling Jewelry

Subject line: It’s Your Lucky Day! 🍀 20% Off St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry!

A Bling Jewelry email with a man and a woman wearing holiday-themed accessories and holding green beverages
Source: MailCharts

Bling Jewelry decided to promote its membership with this email campaign. The themed email features a picture of two people wearing typical holiday accessories along with the brand’s jewelry. This image allows the brand to align itself with the holiday celebration. The customers may associate wearing brand’s jewelry with fun times and purchase the items to compliment their holiday outfits.

See’s Candies

Subject line: 🍀 Our Top St. Patrick’s Day Treats 🎩

A See's Candies email showcasing chocolate candies wrapped in green foil
Source: MailCharts

See’s Candies is an American candy store. In their St. Patrick’s Day campaign, they showcased various limited holiday-themed products, such as chocolate, nuts, and gift bags. They also grouped the items into two categories: “Team Shamrock” and “Team Leprechaun”, making the experience more engaging and playful.

Life Is Good Inc

Subject line: Get Your Green On 🍀

A Life Is Good Inc email showcasing holiday-themed prints
Source: MailCharts

Life Is Good is an apparel and accessories brand. For the holiday celebration, the company showcased its St. Patrick’s Day collection. The email features some typical holiday symbols and colors, as well as a discount offer. The brand suggests wearing its items to the holiday party, making the offer more relevant and desirable.

A part of Life Is Good Inc email announcing an online event
Source: MailCharts

They also announced a social media campaign, where the customers can share their pictures wearing the brand’s products, which makes a great marketing strategy.

Reitmans (Canada)

Subject line: ⚡ St. Patrick’s Day flash sale

A Reitmans email announcing a sale
Source: MailCharts

Reitmans is a Canadian company specializing in women’s clothes. The brand launched a St. Patrick’s Day flash sale for the holiday. So, in its email, the company incorporated the word “luck” and green colors to engage its audience. The email is also showcasing the items with the updated pricing.

Tips for maximizing ROI

It is also important to consider maximizing your email marketing ROI. Keep reading to learn some tips!

  • Audience segmentation

Audience segmentation is an essential step in your email marketing campaign. As we’ve mentioned before, it is important to divide your subscribers based on demographics, age, and other relevant factors. You can also consider their past purchases.

  • A/B testing

A/B testing is used to compare two versions of an email campaign to identify what works best for your subscribers. It might be two different subject lines, content layouts, or other elements.

  • Mobile optimization

Another crucial aspect to add is mobile optimization. Make sure your email provides a good user experience on every device. The design, navigation, content layout, media content, and other elements of your email should be optimized to work on mobile devices as well. You may use email templates to make it work.

  • Clear call-to-action (CTA)

You can also use a CTA to encourage engagement from your audience. A good call-to-action is clear, simple, visible, and accessible. It should be placed strategically, for example, at the end of your email.

  • Social media integration

Integrating social media into your email is a great opportunity to encourage user engagement too. You may add a follow button for your social media profiles or a social media sharing button.

Final thoughts

Saint Patrick’s Day is another chance to get as creative as possible. We hope our article will bring you some inspiration for your campaigns. Make sure to check out our alternative holidays calendar for other opportunities to grow your business.

And lastly, may the luck of the Irish be with you!

20 February, 2024
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