Best Telegram Bots Every Marketer Should Know About

Best Telegram Bots Every Marketer Should Know About
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Varvara Potekhina
by Varvara Potekhina

The rapid development of automation and AI put marketers and writers on edge. But you shouldn’t be worried — technologies are not here to take your job, they’re here to help you. For example, chatbots save your time by automating routine tasks.

Check out our list of the best Telegram bots every marketer should know about — and make your life more productive and pleasant. By the way, if you are totally new to chatbots and need some guidance, read our article on what a chatbot is first.

Benefits of using Telegram chatbots for marketers

A marketer’s job can be quite exhausting. Dozens of small tasks sum up into projects you must develop strategically. In this situation, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing and the bigger picture too. Using software, including bots that work on different platforms and messengers, to improve the marketing process and shorten your daily to-do lists might be a good idea. 

Telegram bots are the chatbots that operate through the interface of the Telegram messenger and perform tasks for you in the conversational format. This software can be used for many business needs and boost customer experience. It’s confirmed by numbers — chatbots are predicted to become a primary customer service channel for business by 2027. Here’s what they can do:

  • Automate customer interaction. Bots can provide customer support, generate leads, conduct surveys, give order information, and more.
  • Encourage engagement. Chatbots can notify customers about updates and entertain them via quizzes and games. This will lead to higher retention — customers will come back for repeat purchases more often.
  • Ease your routines. From business call reminders to backing up your family photo archive so it doesn’t get lost — Telegram chatbots can make your life a lot more productive by sorting out your personal and work stuff.
  • Build other bots. Need a Telegram bot for a very specific task with a unique logic? Create your own using Telegram bots designed specifically for no-code chatbot building. 

It’s a win-win situation: you delegate exhausting daily tasks to software while keeping customers happy and improving customer satisfaction. And, in the case of Telegram chatbots, all that is available right in your smartphone — no matter where you’re from, since Telegram bots speak many languages. 

Best Telegram bots for the marketers

Some bots have a web UI, others may require third-party software integrations to work — but the user flow of most Telegram chatbots is the same. You click the link or find the chatbot you need in the Telegram’s search engine. Then, you start a conversation with the chatbot by messaging /start or pressing “Run”. Some bots are designed for Telegram channel management — in this case, you have to add them to your channel and provide them administrator access. Now the bot is at your service!

Let’s explore the world of Telegram chatbots — here’s the list of those that caught our eye.

Feed Reader Bot

Feed Reader Bot is an RSS feed reader that collects your website and social media subscriptions in Telegram. You subscribe the bot to Telegram groups and channels, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms and websites — and it forwards new posts in those to your Telegram chat. It allows you to monitor information and updates from several sources in one place, which is a great time-saver for writing social media posts, industry news digests, and other types of content. Save your resources on something more meaningful instead of scrolling 10 websites at once!

The free version updates every 4 hours. Paid versions start from 5€/month, update more often, and offer more features like sending messages to Slack and Discord, AI-generated subtitles and summaries, and more.

A chatbot adds a new blog to the users newsfeed.

Dr. Web

Can’t access your laptop with proper antivirus software? Dr. Web is here to help! It’s a free antivirus bot for Telegram that checks links and files right in the messenger. You can send Dr. Web bot links and files to check for threats before opening them. If you add it in a Telegram group chat, it will check all the attachments links to external resources from all the participants. In a chat, you can mute Dr. Web so it doesn’t interrupt the conversion each time someone sends a file. In this case, it will only let you know if it detects an infected file or link.

There are many use cases for this service — for example, you can check out links in suspicious emails and protect yourself, your customers, and colleagues from phishing.

Dr.Web chatbot gives instructions on how to check files and links and claims that Selzy Email Marketing Blog contains no threats.
Our blog is totally safe, by the way!

Quiz Bot

Quiz Bot is a free quiz maker for Telegram. This bot can help you build quizzes for business or personal goals, question by question. Once you’re done, you get the link to share the fruits of your labor with your friends or customers. It supports 12 languages and it also allows you to disable the quizzes you’ve created earlier — great feature for limited-time surveys and contests.

Quiz Bot allows you to choose the UI language and invites you to create a new quiz, starting with its name


Building your own Telegram bots is easier than it seems — you can do it by messaging BotFather, literally “the father of bots”. It’s a free tool for creating, managing, and disabling Telegram chatbots. In BotFather, you can create a new bot, edit its description and avatar, and assign custom commands to it. You can also create and delete authorization tokens. These are the API keys for connecting a bot to a channel. 

BotFather allows an unlimited number of chatbots linked to one channel, as long as each bot’s name contains the word “bot”. If you’re in a pinch, you can use this tool to create custom bots for Telegram marketing or automate your personal and business routines. Keep in mind though: the person who created the bot via BotFather owns it. So, if you need multiple employees to have access to the bot’s “insides”, use a corporate Telegram account to create the bot.

BotFather presents the list of commands available for changing bot settings etc.

Zoom Bot

Zoom Bot is a free Telegram chatbot for joining and creating Zoom meetings in the blink of an eye. The bot also claims to improve upon Zoom shortcomings like audio and video quality. Using Zoom bot is convenient when you don’t have access to your laptop or if your business has a lot of Zoom meetings. With this bot, it’s easy to keep track of all your work meetings — even when you’re AFK.

To start using Zoom bot, you should install the Zoom integration for Telegram — you can find it on Zoom Marketplace.

Zoom bot describes its features and asks the user to install the Zoom integration for Telegram.


Manybot is a free Telegram chatbot builder you can use for your own purposes or customer communication without coding. This tool lets you create new broadcast bots that will send messages to your customers, auto-post from Twitter, YouTube, RSS, and more. It’s a great way to notify your users of fresh updates on autopilot while you work on more complex content marketing. Manybot also supports 6 languages, so international teams can benefit from it too.

To start working with Manybot, use the bot token you got from BotFather. Then, you will be able to edit your creation, check the number of users, send them updates, and more. Manybot is free.

Manybot gives detailed instructions on how to link a new bot to it.

File to bot

File to bot saves files in a cloud with unlimited storage for free. You can send the files right in a private conversation with the bot or invite it to a group chat. In this case, all the files sent by participants will be stored by categories and available for downloading. You can also create unique download links for files stored in File to bot. It also puts no limits on file sizes and formats, and supports 24 languages.

The bot is especially useful for businesses that use a lot of media. For example, you can use it to store pictures for Instagram posts, blog article illustrations and covers, images and GIFs to use in emails, and more. It can also be used for keeping important information like business-related documents at one place so nothing gets lost.

File to bot asks to upload a file and assign a category to it or create your own folder. is a free Telegram bot that generates disposable email addresses and receives emails on them. Each email is only active for 10 minutes, which is enough to confirm a registration. These addresses are also unique — no one else except you can use them.

You might need a temporary email for signing up on a website or a service where you don’t want to reveal your personal data — for example, if you’re studying competitors and you want to do it inconspicuously. bot generates disposable emails.

File converter bot

File converter bot converts files from one format to another. It works with images, audio, and video files. Marketers can use it to convert media for further posting on different platforms — for example, convert GIFs to MP4 videos for paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The bot supports 874 conversion types and 89 file formats including eBooks, fonts and subtitles. The bot is free and runs on donations.

File converter bot asks user to send files for further conversion.

Gmail bot

Gmail bot is a free Telegram bot that allows you to manage your mailbox right in the messenger. It can receive and send emails when it’s more convenient to use a messenger instead of an email app. You can also set up a filter so that the bot sends notifications only about messages from certain senders, ignoring others.

To start using the bot, set up a Gmail integration and authorize it with the Gmail account you are going to use in the bot. 

The bot asks the user to start the Gmail integration.

URL shortener

URL shortener shortens links for free, that’s it. Use this bot to make nice links without long tails of UTM tags or website parts for messengers, social media or emails. 

The bot also collects click data which is useful for marketers who just need quick analytics without having to painstakingly set up a complex tool for that. For example, you can shorten a link for a post and check the clicks right in the bot. Then, you can make a new shortened link for the same content, post it on another channel, and keep track of clicks for the whole campaign. Although it’s not obviously not enough data for deep data-driven marketing insights, it’s a decent quick solution for those in a pinch.

URL Shortener bot shortens the link.


SkeddyBot is a reminder bot for Telegram that operates in 3 languages. It lets you create and manage reminders and notes, like shopping or to-do lists. In Telegram, you can quickly set simple reminders like “craft a welcome email for new subscribers at 5pm”. Its web interface lets you set more complex reminders like “analyze the monthly metrics on email campaigns on the first day of every month at 10am” — just use a separate command to get your unique link. 

SkeddyBot is free but it runs on voluntary donations via Patreon or cryptocurrency.

SkeddyBot sets a reminder

How to create your own Telegram chatbot

There are many no-code platforms for building Telegram chatbots. Although you can always do more by learning Python, even no-code tools offer lots of scenarios of different complexity. For example, you can try Selzy chatbot builder to create a unique flow and check the metrics on each step. Here’s what the interface and the customer data collection flow look like:

The chatbot scenario in the Selzy drag-and-drop chatbot editor

Selzy chatbot builder is a drag-and-drop editor where you can edit messages and the overall user flow to provide different services automatically. You can also see the metrics on the different stages of your scenario on the same screen. Monitor each stage and get valuable insights on where to improve the flow. 

Learn how to launch a Telegram chatbot in Selzy

Final thoughts

Chatbots won’t take your job but they can make it easier by performing routine tasks for you. From monitoring news to setting reminders and joining Zoom meetings, Telegram bots can save you a lot of time and mental energy for more creative tasks and strategic thinking. They can also become your marketing channel — for example, if you use Selzy, a chatbot can help you with growing the contact list.

Don’t hesitate to try some of these resources to ease your life — or build your own using Telegram chatbot builders.

19 February, 2024
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