Top Real Estate Newsletter Examples for Any Case Scenario

Top Real Estate Newsletter Examples for Any Case Scenario
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Irene Dmitrieva
by Irene Dmitrieva

Real estate agencies know that with the right email strategy, you can increase the number of sales and reduce the time it takes customers to make purchase decisions. So your email campaign should be perfect so that you don’t get lost among the competitors. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share some of the best real estate newsletter ideas and examples to help get you started.

What is a real estate newsletter?

Real estate newsletters are a fantastic way to keep your network engaged by providing value. They are sent on a regular basis and can take the form of informative, educational, or entertaining content. 

Real estate newsletters usually cover a variety of topics. Buying or selling houses, how-tos and advice for finding a new home, information about community resources and events, stories about local businesses, and agent experiences in the real estate business are all common subjects. By providing helpful information instead of selling directly, agents can build trust and relationships with their readers.

Why use real estate newsletters in your marketing campaign

There are a number of reasons why using newsletters can be beneficial for your email marketing real estate campaign. Today, 44% of users view real estate online before buying, and 68% indicate email as their preferred method of communication. So they can help keep your leads engaged until they are ready to buy or sell a home. 

Newsletters are essential in keeping your business top of mind and generating referrals. By staying in touch with leads on a regular basis, you can nurture them through the sales process and keep your pipeline full.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, real estate newsletters are a great way to connect with potential customers and keep them updated on your latest listings. Not only that, but research has shown that email marketing can have an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent – making it a very efficient use of time and resources.

Top real estate newsletter ideas (with examples)

Coming up with fresh ideas for your newsletter can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top real estate newsletter ideas (with examples) to help you get started.

Events newsletters

Your real estate newsletter doesn’t have to be all about properties and listings. Mix things up by including an event or two in your newsletter each month. This could be an upcoming open house, a community event, or even something as simple as a holiday party at your office. Not only will this help keep your readers engaged, but it will also help them get to know you and your team better.

Local events are a great way to get involved in your community and connect with potential leads. You can easily create a community event newsletter and start promoting the event by partnering with or sponsoring the event organizer. This is also a valuable networking opportunity to meet other local professionals and develop a co-marketing plan. Co-marketing with other businesses is an extremely viable yet underutilized business strategy that can be beneficial for all parties involved. 

In the example below, the company just begins its email with local events options:

Events newsletter example
Source: HomeActions

The following message is another example of an events newsletter:

Source: Venngage

Market updates

Let your real estate newsletter include some kind of market update. This could be a brief overview of the housing market in your area or a more specific update on the prices of properties in certain neighborhoods. You could also highlight any changes or trends that you’re seeing in the market. This could also be changes to mortgage rates, new laws or regulations, etc. You can share your thoughts and analysis on these developments.

Real estate market update
Source: NetHunt

Advice and tips

Your readers want advice and tips that will make their lives easier. Why not give it to them in a weekly or monthly email newsletter? You can home in on topics like staging homes to sell, decorating inexpensively, or finding the most idyllic hood for a lifestyle of homeowners.

You can also use this type of newsletter to show off your real estate knowledge. Share your tips for buying or selling a home, negotiating the best price, or getting the most out of your home inspection.

In this way, you can show that you are not only interested in selling, but also in providing users with the necessary knowledge.

An email from Zillow is a great example of such an informative newsletter:

Tips and advice in a newsletter
Source: Really Good Emails

Holidays celebration

New and unique ideas for celebrating holidays are always a fun way to engage your community (and spark conversation with the more passive leads in your contact list).

Make sure your subscribers know you’re thinking of them during holidays by sending a holiday-themed newsletter. You can wish them a happy holiday season and let them know about any special deals or promotions you’re running. You can also include information about upcoming events or open houses in your holiday email marketing campaign.

Or you might also send a congratulatory note to your subscribers and let them know about the adjustments in your office hours.

Holiday celebration in email
Source: KristaAndrews

Send a heartfelt message of congratulations, along with a present as a sign that you value your consumers.

Holiday email in real estate
Source: Stripo.Email

News and announcements

Keep your finger on the pulse of the local business scene with this weekly newsletter. Highlight recent news, like new businesses opening in town or expansions that are happening. Announce events in the life of your company. 

Use this kind of newsletter as an opportunity to discuss topics such as transport infrastructure or local attractions which can all affect real estate prices. Keep your customers informed on everything that could influence the market.

WeWork in its email announces the new locations in which it sells properties:

Market updates en email
Source: Really Good Emails

Quiz newsletters

You can increase engagement by adding a quiz to your real estate newsletter. People love taking quizzes, and they’re considered to be effective tools to get people interested in your content.

Some ideas for quiz email topics include: 

  • What type of homebuyer are you? 
  • How much do you know about the homebuying process? 
  • What kind of home would you be most interested in?

A good quiz can be both informative and entertaining, giving the reader a chance to learn something new while also testing their knowledge on a given subject.

You can also use quizzes as a way to gather data about your subscribers. This information can be used to segment your list and send more targeted content. For example, if you have a quiz about what type of homebuyer someone is, you can use that information to send them more relevant information about the homes available in their area.

Below is a typical example of a message with quiz elements that will allow you to learn a little more about a member of the community.

Quiz newsletter in real estate
Source: Really Good Emails

To generate your own quiz or survey, you can use pre-made templates. Also, use quizzes to increase leads on your website with a signup form, not just in newsletters.

Listing alerts

Use listing alerts which notify subscribers whenever a new property that meets their criteria is listed. This way, they’ll always be the first to know about new homes on the market.

To ensure that your listing alerts are relevant to your subscribers, you can segment your list by criteria like location, price range, and type of property. That way, they’ll only receive alerts for homes that fit their needs.

The message below contains quiz elements so you can learn more about a member of your community.

Listing alerts example in real estate
Source: Really Good Emails

Contest newsletters

Although it may be tempting to just feature all homes you have for sale all the time, this isn’t the most effective way to engage leads who don’t have an immediate intention to buy or sell. To keep passive leads engaged, try thinking outside the box for ideas that will capture their attention. 

Get your customers engaged by hosting a contest where they can win a prize for submitting the best real estate-themed photo or video. Make sure to promote the contest well in advance so that people have time to submit their entries.

You could also host a contest where people have to guess the sale price of a home you have listed, with the winner receiving a gift card or other prize.

The message below invites you to participate in a contest in the form of a quiz. By answering the question correctly, you increase your chances of winning.

Contest in email
Source: Venngage

Seasonal newsletter

Consider sending out email newsletters that coincide with the changing seasons. For example, a summer newsletter could feature tips on how to beat the heat during home showings, while a winter newsletter could offer advice on staying warm during open houses. 

Topic ideas for your newsletters: 

  • Spring: Home buying tips, spring cleaning ideas, ways to spruce up your yard.
  • Summer: Outdoor entertaining ideas, vacation rental tips, energy-saving tips.
  • Fall: Home maintenance tips, preparing your home for winter, decorating for the holidays.
  • Winter: Tips for staying cozy at home, winter travel ideas, New Year’s resolutions.

Look at the template below to get an idea of what a seasonal newsletter might look like:

Seasonal newsletter example
Source: Venngage

Customer success stories

Customer success stories are a powerful way to show off your product or service in action and convince potential customers that you’re the right choice for them. These types of emails can be particularly effective for real estate businesses since people considering buying or selling a home are often looking for reassurance that they’re making the right decision.

Your customers are your best advocates. When they’re happy with your services, they’re more than willing to tell others about their great experience. Customer success stories are the perfect way to show off your happy customers and promote your business at the same time.

If you’re not sure how to get started with storytelling in email marketing, here is an idea for your next email campaign:

Testimonials in newsletter
Source: Real Estate Templates

According to the National Association of REALTORS, 50% of homebuyers conduct their search on a phone or tablet. With more and more people reading newsletters on their phones, it’s essential to make sure your publication can be easily viewed on a small screen. Formatting with mobile use in mind will ensure all your subscribers can appreciate your content.


For a real estate agent, email newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with clients. 

Some email newsletter ideas include sharing your real estate knowledge, promoting holiday deals, announcing company news and events, hosting contests, and featuring customer success stories. Seasonal email newsletters are also a great way to stay top-of-mind with your clients and let them know you’re always thinking of them. 

No matter what type of email newsletter you send, make sure it is relevant and engaging so that your clients will always look forward to hearing from you. If you’re looking for a way to increase engagement and sales, real estate newsletters in your email marketing funnels are a great option.

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