Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily
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Dmitry Teckel
by Dmitry Teckel

When you run a successful blog or a newsletter with a large subscriber list, monetizing it comes as the next natural step. Affiliate programs with daily pay provide one of the ways to start earning money off your content and get into the affiliate marketing industry. Compared to regular affiliate programs, those with daily pay typically have a lower minimum withdrawal threshold, which comes in handy when you need a quick buck. But how to choose the right one? And are they better?

In this article, we’ll talk about affiliate marketing programs that pay daily, why they’re better, how to choose one, and which programs are available right now.

Is a daily paying affiliate program better?

As the audience of your content grows, you may think of how to monetize the traffic. 

Let’s say you’re a senior entrepreneur who just quit your old job and created a startup. After some time and investments spent on social media marketing, you have a follower base to regularly engage with and learn about their preferences. And you are looking for a quick buck to spend on growing your business. However, most affiliate programs on the market will get you waiting for your payments for months — and your rent, mortgage, taxes, or employees’ wages don’t allow that.

Such situations happen because of clearance that your money needs to go through and the company policy nuances. The waiting time can reach three months! 

However, some affiliate programs pay daily with no restrictions. They let you get money through instant payments or within a working day. This way you get payouts whenever you feel like it. No need to plan and count the days until the next check.

How to choose the best affiliate program that pays daily

Before you opt into a daily pay affiliate marketing network, let’s establish some important criteria. This way you’ll know how to navigate so many different affiliate programs and their offers.

Pick a product within your niche

First and foremost, the best affiliate program is the one that fits your niche. Treat what you do like an online business with a specific product positioning. It’s only logical that you should pick a niche that aligns with the pains and needs of your audience. For example, it would be weird if you tried to push beauty products in an email about mining equipment.

Inquire on commission model and rates

Surely, payment is always the most interesting part. To predict your future income from an affiliate program, you need to know its commission model and rates. 

Commission rates define how much money you’ll get when you take up an offer. It can be a fixed amount or a percentage, depending on what commission model you deal with.

Commission models define what exactly you get paid for. Advertisers seek certain results when they post their offers. You should be aware of them, so your marketing efforts are focused on the right thing. If a company wants sales, they’ll pay you every time a purchase is made through your affiliate link. In such cases, you usually get a fracture of each sale. When companies want leads, they tend to pay a flat rate for each new potential client you bring them.

Each affiliate program’s commission model is indicated in the headline of each offer. Most often you’ll see one of these four types:

  • Cost per action (CPA) — you get paid for people performing a certain action, e.g. registering, completing a survey, making a purchase, etc. In this case, you get paid for any interaction with your affiliate link. That’s why it’s the most common model in daily pay affiliate marketing — it makes daily payments feasible.
  • Cost per sale (CPS) — you get paid for completed purchases of an advertised product. Although this model is the most common in affiliate marketing in general, it can become problematic if you sign up for a daily payment affiliate program. For example, if you already got paid for a sale and this customer requested a refund, you may end up owing your advertiser. So, be careful and pay attention to the program’s refund policy.
  • Cost per click (CPC) or pay per click (PPC) — you get paid for clicks on a banner, text link, etc. This one is the most profitable for daily pay affiliates — you’ll always get more clicks than sales. So, the CPC model, combined with daily payments, allows you to create a steady stream of income.
  • Cost per lead (CPL) — you get paid for people leaving an email address in the advertiser’s database. Options include double opt-in (email must be confirmed) and single opt-in (confirmation is not necessary).

As you can see, most of the models are just special cases of the CPA. The difference is that “action” can be anything that the advertiser considers important. Other models narrow it down to the most common scenarios.

Check payment method and minimum withdrawal amount

Imagine getting a purchase from your affiliate link only to find out that your money is stuck inside the marketplace wallet. Usually, it’s due to the minimum withdrawal amount set by a platform. Even the best affiliate programs have a certain threshold that you must meet to extract your earnings. The reason for this is to prevent fraud and sufficiently cover the transaction fee that can be imposed by some financial services. But you’ll see that daily pay networks set it around $50 most of the time. This is not much if you are active and take a lot of offers.

Many programs allow transactions to your PayPal account, so be sure to have one. Alternative options are common too, but vary from site to site. Stripe and Payoneer are among the most popular ones, and other payment methods may depend on what geographies are included in the network.

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10 best proven programs that pay daily

Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate programs with daily payments. This guide covers well-reviewed networks, marketplaces, and even companies that promote their product through affiliate marketing.

Rebll Network

Let’s put it straight: this one is not for the weak of the heart. Rebll is a high-paying affiliate network that focuses on dating, chatting, and flirting. Bottom line: lots of adult content.

But it can be a match if you already have a footing in this niche. Not shying away from a little raunchiness is a plus too. Now, does your audience feel adventurous tonight?

Rebll Network suggests future members to send traffic to them and get allegedly the highest payouts

To top things off, the “network” part is there for a reason. Rebll affiliate program comes with a round-the-clock support team and a strong sense of community. Also, you get a personal manager that can grant you access to special offers. They even throw parties for their business pals!

Niche: online dating, adult content

Commission model: CPA, CPL (double and single opt-in)

Rate: Varied

Payment methods: PayPal and wire transfer

Minimum withdrawal: Not stated

Resources: personal manager, 24/7 support

Link: Rebll Network


SEOClerks is a freelance marketplace for all things SEO. Admittedly, one of the biggest in the world. But you know what’s more important? Their affiliate program pays a nice 5% pff each sale through a link that never expires. A flexible withdrawal system allows for daily payouts.

SEOClerks offers a limitless affiliate program for promoting service sellers with a 5% lifetime commission

People come here to offer their services in everything from link building to coding. There are many sellers to choose from in almost every niche. Just be careful to never deal with untrustworthy users that can hurt your reputation.

Niche: SEO, writing, design, coding, etc.

Commission model: CPS

Rate: 5% per sale

Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill

Minimum withdrawal: $5

Link: SEOClerks

Warrior Plus

This platform provides a place for creators to share their web products in a variety of categories. These include mobile apps, software, and educational courses.

Warrior Plus has a built-in system for browsing offers and getting in touch with the vendors
Warrior Plus interface still keeps that 2006 feel but the service stands the test of time

Affiliate marketers comprise the main driving force behind Warrior Plus, so the team puts a real emphasis on the program. The hefty Warrior Plus commission rate can match the cost of the affiliated product. Your earnings can be withdrawn daily, which is another plus.

The downside is the occasional low quality of offerings. End users often report non-working apps, so do your research to see what’s good. You don’t want to be called complicit in a scam, do you?

Niche: Digital solutions and education

Commission model: CPS

Rate: up to 100% of each sale

Payment methods: PayPal, Stripe

Minimum withdrawal: $15

Link: Warrior Plus

CPA Lead

One of the best affiliate programs dealing with apps, CPA Lead has been running strong since 2006. Its main goal is to help freshly hatched apps reach their audience. The market is huge, and the numbers prove it. The site claims to work with 1,750,000 traffic sources and counting.

CPALead once made it into Inc 500 and is recognized by the Trustpilot community

High ratings and numerous accolades make CPA Lead a solid and trustworthy affiliate network with daily payout. Many payment methods are available, and there are several commission models to choose from.

Niche: Mobile apps

Commission model: CPA, CPC, CPI (cost per install)

Rate: $1 on average + 5% referral

Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, wire payment, check, AHC

Minimum withdrawal: $1

Link: CPA Lead


This one wins our hearts simply by its concept alone. ClickMagick is a service that tracks all your current online marketing efforts. And the goal of their affiliate program is… to market ClickMagick itself.

ClickMagick claims that its affiliate program is the easiest way of making money online

So, you buy a tracking solution. Then you make money by running an affiliate campaign for it. And you can use the same tracker to analyze it. 35% commission from every sale lets us appreciate the humor even more.

Niche: Marketing analytics

Commission model: Referral program

Rate: 35% from each sale

Payment methods: PayPal, MassPay

Minimum withdrawal: $50

Link: ClickMagick


This is one of the rare all-profile networks on this list. JVZoo provides affiliate products in a great variety of niches. Pick whatever fits your style, be it a book marketing campaign or a business course. The commission varies a lot across the 50,000+ available offers.

JVZoo offers an instant affiliate program with 800,000+ active affiliates
JVZoo is very popular with novice marketers and exceeds 800,000 affiliates

JVZoo is extremely novice-friendly. It lets you get down to business or explore useful guides first. Mind that this network pays daily only after you successfully apply for the Premium program.

Niche: Varied

Commission model: CPS

Rate: 50-100% from each sale

Payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer

Minimum withdrawal: $50

Resources: guides, tools for banner design

Link: JVZoo


Leadstead is a large affiliate network that connects advertisers from all niches with publishers and influencers. Whether you run a website or an Instagram account, you’ll find an offer to your taste.

Leadstead offers detailed tracking, ad targeting, and an opportunity to A/B test promotions to each affiliate

One thing about Leadstead is that it’s very versatile. Multiple commission models, payment methods and schedules (including daily) — it’s an all-you-can-earn buffet for those interested in affiliate programs.

Niche: Varied

Commission model: CPA, CPS, CPI, CPC

Rate: Varied, depends on a product and advertizer

Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, checks

Minimum withdrawal: Not stated

Link: Leadstead


This service provides an online solution for checkout, billing, and payment management for businesses. This useful package can also be marketed through a specialized affiliate program.

PayKickstart asks its affiliates to promote solutions for accounting, marketing, and sales departments

Among other things, PayKickstart helps with digital and physical sales, subscriptions, and — you guessed it — affiliate tracking. Recommend it to your e-commerce audience or marketing colleagues and enjoy a 25% share from each sale with daily payouts.

Niche: Digital marketing, financial management

Commission model: CPS

Rate: 25% off each sale

Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, check, bank transfers

Minimum withdrawal: Not stated

Resources: Marketing materials

Link: PayKickstart

Dr. Cash

Dr. Cash connects affiliate marketers with business owners who manufacture nutritional products. The network employs its own platform for managing campaigns and gathering statistics. There are more than 2,600 CPA offers available in more than 200 countries. Your affiliate income can be withdrawn daily or even twice per day.

Dr. Cash offers a way to monetize your traffic by partnering with health and beauty businesses

Reviews suggest that Dr. Cash proves to be a high-paying venture if you use the right strategies. Moreover, you can become a part of a close-knit community of like-minded people who love CPA marketing. And there’s even a “toy store” that sells real cars for virtual currency. Work hard, play hard.

Niche: Nutrition, beauty & health

Commission model: CPA, CPL, CPS

Rate: $35 on average + 2% referral

Payment methods: PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Proxum, credit card

Minimum withdrawal: $50

Resources: guides, personal manager, landings, design tools, funding program (currently a beta version)

Link: Dr. Cash

Terra Leads

Terra Leads is a nutrition company with its own daily pay CPA network. This affiliate program revolves around health and beauty products developed by the company itself.

Terra Leads landing page claims that the company has over 3,000 offers and processes 50k leads per day in their data centers

Terra Leads treats its affiliates to constant support in several languages. Native-run call centers connect affiliates to the core business in 101 countries. There is no public information on the cost of their offers available (our team signed up to get the intel below), but each affiliate member can earn bonus coins to spend in the insider shop.

Niche: Nutrition, health & beauty

Commission model: CPA

Rate: $10–30 on average + T-coins for the insider shop

Payment methods: Bank transfer, Webmoney, PayPal, Paxum, Capitalist, Payoneer, QIWI, Yoomoney, Brocard, cryptocurrency (USDT)

Minimum withdrawal: Not stated

Resources: personal manager, phone support 

Link: Terra Leads

The links must flow

Affiliate marketing offers a lot of opportunities. Whichever niche you focus on, you can always find interesting programs and businesses to partner with. And the abundance of different products allows for a variety of topics and content formats.

Whether you consider it a full-time occupation or a side hustle, daily pay affiliate programs are worth checking out. It is a legitimate and fun way of making money online and getting them instantly. And it opens the door to a community of like-minded people that will help you along the way.

While choosing an affiliate program with daily payouts, remember to consider a few things:

  • Does it suit your niche? Stick to the offers relevant to your audience.
  • What is the commission model? While some networks position simply as CPA, others expect something specific like sales or leads.
  • What are the payment methods? A platform must support your preferred wallet so you can easily monetize your efforts.
  • What are the commissions and the minimum withdrawal amount? This will help you estimate the amount of work needed to get paid daily.
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