Integrate the Forms Into Your Website

So you created a new form. You can see the created forms in the Tools and then Subscription forms menu.

To access its code, click on the pencil icon next to the form.

The edit button for the pre-made form

For embedded forms, both JavaScript and HTML versions of the code will be available. For pop-up forms, there will only be a JavaScript version. You can copy the code by clicking the squares above the code on the right. 

Different code versions for the form

Integrate the form into the website code

To integrate the form directly into your website, paste the code into your website source code before the </body> tag:

Pasting the form code into the website source code

Integrate the form with Google Tag Manager

Alternatively, you can integrate the form of any type without editing the website source code. In this case, you can use Google Tag Manager.

From your Tag Manager account, navigate to the container you use for your website.

Selecting the website container

Navigate to Tags and click New.

Creating a new tag

Name the tag.

Naming the tag

Then click on Tag Configuration and select the Custom HTML tag.

Selecting the Tag Configuration

Copy the form code from Selzy.

 Copying the code from Selzy

Paste the code you copied to the HTML field in the Tag Configuration menu in the Google Tag Manager. The code can be either HTML or JavaScript.

Pasting the form code into the Tag Manager

Add the trigger to finish customizing your new tag.

Adding the trigger

Don’t forget to save your changes!

Saving the changes

You can now submit the form. To do this, first click on the Submit button:

Submitting the new tag

Here you can specify an optional name and description for the form:

Naming the form and giving it a description

And publish the form:

Publishing the form

Done! After this, the form should appear on your website. 

If you need to change the form using JavaScript code, simply make changes in the Selzy editor. You don't need to change the code in Google Tag Manager. 

If you use the HTML code, you also need to update it in Google Tag Manager. To do this, you will need to edit the tag code and publish it again. You will be able to do this in the Tags section:

The created tag in the Tags menu

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