50+ Great Examples of Subject Lines for Real Estate Emails To Increase Your Open Rates

50+ Great Examples of Subject Lines for Real Estate Emails To Increase Your Open Rates
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Aida Kubatova
by Aida Kubatova

Newsletters are a useful tool for realtors to attract new clients and sell more properties. But how can you stand out from the billions of emails sent every day? Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your circle of influence. You can use it to show your market expertise and professional skills while also providing value to your recipients. 

However, if your emails don’t get opened, none of it counts. The solution is to create the perfect subject line for your best customers. And today we are talking about the best real estate email subject lines with the ability to generate higher open and click-through rates.

Why subject lines for real estate emails are so important

Your email subject line is the first and most important step on the way to increased sales and email open rates. Did you know that an engaging subject line causes 33 to 47% of email recipients to open emails? Because of this, it’s crucial to create an email subject line that will attract readers and lead to conversions.

The subject line can not be something you add impulsively just before pressing the send button. It has to be the key component of your email. A catchy subject line can help you stand out from the crowd when you’re up against dozens of other brands and businesses competing for customers’ attention in their inboxes. If subscribers do not open your emails, even a large email list of your potential real estate clients is useless. 

If you want to succeed as a real estate agent, then a smart place to start is by creating the best real estate email subject lines. It might be challenging because of the shorter attention spans and clogged inboxes. So, your real estate subject line must immediately capture the recipient’s interest. Read on to learn the most effective strategies for writing catchy, effective email subject lines.

How to craft a perfect subject line for real estate email

Even though it may seem like a hassle after spending hours perfecting your email, the extra work is worthwhile. And here are some of the best tips on how to create appealing subject lines for real estate email marketing campaigns.

Be concise and easy to understand

Audiences and readers value concise writing. Simple words capture the attention of your audience and direct it toward your main point. For example, instead of a long subject line like “Here’s a real estate offer with an open view date for you”, try something like “This house will meet your expectations.” 

Check out this great example:

From: Zillow

Subject: Still love it?

Zillow’s email campaign catchy subject line
Source: Really Good Emails

Spark interest and curiosity

Even while customers are used to standard pitches, everyone enjoys a little mystery.

Think outside the box when choosing your email subject lines for real estate. Give your audience a tempting hook to grab their interest. Your reader is tempted to click if your subject line sounds like “Something happened and…”, “I can’t believe I forgot”, or “It’s been a long time.”

At the same time, to avoid misleading your customers and losing their trust, make sure the subject lines actually relate to emails and communicate the original message. Giving your clients the opportunity to learn about the genuinely fantastic listings, services, and deals you have for them is what it’s all about — not misleading them.

From: trulia

Subject: This or That?

Trulia engaging email campaign
In this subject line Trulia uses a word play offering their customers a choosing game, which is actually true, as they are offering 2 home variations to choose from. Source: MailCharts

Use a sense of urgency

If subscribers don’t believe your email will contain anything important, they won’t open it. It’s a good idea for your email subject lines to create a sense of urgency to convince readers to open emails immediately. It’s based on the feeling that if they don’t open the email, they may lose out on something crucial.

Is one of your real estate listings going to expire soon? Will you only host one open house at a particular property? Put this information in the subject line of your email.

However, even though urgent subject lines can boost open rates, avoid using phrases like “act now” or “call now.” They are usually marked as spam words by email services and may result in your emails being marked as spam. Subject lines like “Only one more day on the market!”, “Don’t miss this open house event”, or “Last chance to buy your dream home” would work perfectly instead. 

Here’s an example of using a sense of urgency:

From: Bartercard Real Estate and Property 

Subject: For Sale | LAST ONE LEFT!

Real estate subject line using sense of urgency
Source: Email Competitors

Make a use of personalization

Personalized subject lines increase engagement since readers feel as if you are speaking to them directly. Customers want to feel as though their realtor is paying them personalized attention when making significant decisions like buying or selling a home.

When appropriate, personalize the subject lines of your emails. Show that you also understand the struggles that a particular home buyer or seller may face. Tell your customers that you value them as people and not just as a way to get money.

Send them a personalized message with a subject line that is relevant to them. Include names or anything specific to them, such as: “Welcome home, Steve!” Check out this personalized email subject line from Zumper:

From: Zumper 

Subject: Smiles Davis, let’s get you moving!

Zumper’s personalized email subject line
Source: Really Good Emails

Offer incentives

Email campaigns aimed at promoting services by highlighting additional benefits often include promises of incentives as a key component. Everyone enjoys receiving bonuses and extras. 

Your current customers and potential clients are most likely to accept your deals if you send an incentive email subject line. Bonuses and discounts are extremely effective and might significantly influence someone’s behavior in your favor. 

Here’s a great subject line example from Willow Real Estate, offering incentives to its customers:

From: Willow Real Estate 

Subject: 🔓 Unlock your property bonus

Willow email subject line with incentives offer
Source: Really Good Email

Catchy real estate email subject lines examples for every type of email

The most effective email subject lines for real estate are relevant, appealing, and a bit mysterious. You don’t want to give away everything in the subject line and discourage readers from opening the email. Instead, you want to offer them a taste of what they may expect. 

Here we’ve got 50+ best real estate email subject lines that actually work and get attention:

Introduction email

An introduction email is sent to someone you haven’t contacted yet, so you can share information about you and your services. To make your audience open that email and response, an introduction email needs to grab their attention and engage their interest. These subject line examples might come in handy:

You weren’t home, so I left a message
[insert name] how have you been?
Newest Investment Opportunity
Introducing [Name], Your New Partner
Happy Monday! – Open House tomorrow!
Three Options for Selling Your Home
Attention homebuyers: Here’s the next step you need to know

Cold email

Cold emails should offer benefits to both – the customer and the real estate agent. Most of your potential clients are not willing to open an email from a realtor that they don’t know. That is why a proper email subject line is important in cold emailing. Try to warm up your readers with a great subject line to get them hooked. Try these in a cold email:

“Hoping to help today”
Let’s get together [insert date] 
“So nice to meet you, [Prospect]!”
“[Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch”
Getting your home sold? Follow this advice. 
“I found you through [referral name] and LinkedIn”
“Feeling [insert emotion]? Let me help”
“Did you get what you were looking for?”
A 3-step plan for your busy week

Re-engagement email

Re-engagement emails are communications designed specifically to bring back subscribers who have stopped engaging with your emails. 

Here are some great subject lines for re-engagement campaigns:

Here’s Your Private Invite
“If you change your mind about partnering with me”
You didn’t get back to me
“I’d love your feedback on that [meeting, showing, etc.]”
Now is the best time to act
I thought you might like these offers

Follow-up email

An email to a customer that you’ve previously contacted is referred to as a follow-up email. Try using some of these examples:

There’s still time
I missed you last week
I thought about what you said
I see you liked my listing
So nice to meet you, [Prospect]!
I had this idea since we last spoke
I’d love your feedback on that meeting
Hello [name], I enjoyed speaking with you today
I called, you didn’t answer
We’ve got you covered
Do you think you’re ready for this?

Meeting requests

Send a meeting request email if you need to schedule a meeting with your potential or current customers using these subject lines:

“Requesting a meeting on [Day]”
“15 minutes this week?”
“Time for a quick touch base?”
“Meeting invite: [Date]”

After no response

Sometimes the client seems to be interested in your services, but suddenly stops replying to emails. By this point, you’ve probably sent a few follow-up emails. And it’s important to continue reaching out after no response. Even though not hearing back from someone after reaching out can be upsetting, it’s crucial to maintain good manners in your after no response email. Here are some nice subject lines to start with:

I know people who will love your home 
5 Ways You Can Smartly Increase the Value of Your Home in [Neighborhood Name]
You should know this. The real estate agent won’t tell you about it
Why are all residents of [neighborhood name] trying to sell their home in July 
Find out how the price of real estate in [area name] has changed

Key takeaways

Try following these steps to create the perfect real estate subject lines:

  • Make sure the subject line is concise and easy to understand. 
  • Spark your customers’ interest and curiosity. 
  • Use a sense of urgency to make your clients act quickly. 
  • Make use of personalization, as everyone wants to feel special.
  • Offer additional value to your already provided service or home to sell.

I hope this article will be helpful for your marketing strategy. Good luck in your next email campaign!

08 October, 2022
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