Best Conferences on Email Marketing You Shouldn’t Miss in 2024

Best Conferences on Email Marketing You Shouldn’t Miss in 2024
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Maria Bidogaeva
by Maria Bidogaeva

Learning new industry trends and techniques is important for career growth. And where can email marketers get lots of experience, network, and learn from the best in the industry? At conferences, of course! In this article, you’ll find a list of the best email marketing conferences you should attend in 2024. Mark your calendar!

What email marketing conferences are and why attend them

An email marketing conference is an online or offline event where email marketing professionals, industry experts, business executives, and other speakers discuss the latest trends, present case studies, and share best practices.

But are email marketing conferences useful for you? Here are 3 essential reasons why you should attend:

  • To learn from the best. Email marketing conferences bring together some of the most influential and talented people in the industry. It’s a great opportunity to pick behind the curtain of their work and business processes and get insights.
  • To network. You can get to know fellow marketers, advertisers, thought leaders, and business owners. These connections can inspire new marketing projects or business ventures.
  • To discover new tools and email marketing strategies. The world of technology is in constant motion and it’s hard to keep up on your own. But if you attend a conference, you can get information on the latest email marketing innovations. And after a conference, you can implement these new tools and software in your work.

Types of email marketing conferences

Email marketing conferences are plentiful and belong to one of these three types:

Vendor or platform-specific events. These are email marketing conferences hosted by a particular email service provider (ESP) or another software. You can attend this event to learn how to best use the tool, hear success stories, and maybe even enroll in its affiliate program.

Digital marketing events. These conferences focus on the interconnections between different marketing channels. Here, you can learn how email marketing can work together with social media, SMS, content marketing, and others. The sessions can be channel-specific or tackle business marketing strategy as a whole.

Industry-specific conferences. If you want to hear about email marketers’ experience working in a particular industry like travel, real estate, or charity, you can attend specialized events. These are especially great for networking and getting the most relevant information and insights.

Email marketing conferences are not the only way to learn more about the industry and discover helpful tips and techniques. Check out Selzy’s free online webinars for past event recordings and live events. And if you crave even more knowledge and email inspiration, read Selzy’s case studies.

Top email marketing conferences you shouldn’t miss out

After learning about the advantages of attending conferences and the various types available, let’s take a look at some of the top email marketing conferences to plan for in 2024. We gathered some of the most important events in different parts of the world. Don’t miss out on these if you want to make the best email marketing campaigns!

Unspam (Email for Humans)

Unspam conference banner with three words to describe it being unexpected, unconventional, unforgettable
Source: Really Good Emails

Unspam Email for Humans is a two-day event for email marketers by Really Good Emails. This year’s program hasn’t been announced yet, but the conference in general is dedicated to emerging email marketing trends and networking with like-minded people. 

Unspam’s former conferences touched on design trends, Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns, accessibility, and other email marketing topics. Some of the previous speakers were Salesforce’s Guilda Hilaire, Clemson’s Robbie Fitzwater, and other experts. 

Key information:

Date & Location: April 15–16, 2024, Greenville, South California

Website: Unspam

GURU Conference

GURU conference banner promoting the world’s largest virtual email marketing conference
Source: GURU

GURU is another email marketing conference aimed at sharing the latest trends in digital marketing and presenting emerging technologies. The two-day virtual conference will cover topics such as email deliverability, design trends, B2B and B2C, AI technologies, and many more. You can also learn more about the future of emails.

Some of the previous years’ speakers were Meta’s Don Le, Shopify’s Tina Nguyen, Hubspot’s Sheri Otto, and other email marketing experts.

Key information:

Date & Location: October 16–17, 2024, online

Website: GURU Conference

Inbox Expo

Inbox Expo banner
Source: Inbox Expo

Inbox Expo, one of the biggest annual email marketing events, will be held in the US for the first time ever. The conference will explore the latest email marketing trends and gather the top experts to share their experiences and insights. You can learn about cutting-edge newsletter software and explore email as a marketing channel. It is also a great opportunity for businesses and advertisers to attract potential sponsorships and get some recognition.

The event will feature such speakers as Scott Cohen, LB Blair, and others. There will also be an exhibition area open to every attendee.

Key information:

Date & Location: May 13–15, 2024, Atlanta, Georgia 

Website: Inbox Expo

Email Innovations World

Email Innovations World banner detailing the program and the place
Source: Email Innovations World

The Email Innovations World (previously The Email Innovations Summit) is an event created by the oldest email marketing community — Only Influencers. The annual conference will discuss the topics, such as innovations in email design, subject lines, cutting-edge acquisition techniques, and other aspects. The attendees can also explore launching an email consultancy, executive buy-in, and even how to talk to the IT department efficiently.

Some of the first speakers announced are Oracle’s head of research, Chad S. White, co-founder and president of PeakInbox, Brian Sisolak, and others. Expect to network with people from leading software companies and experts who effectively use email marketing in their customer communication.

Key information:

Date & Location: June 5 (workshops), June 6–7 (conference), 2024, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Email Innovations World

The Advanced Email Conference

The Advanced Email Conference logo with the slogan Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact
Source: Advanced Email Conference

The Advanced Email Conference will cover topics, such as attention-grabbing content, marketing automation, the use of artificial intelligence software, personalized and accessible email content, and many more.  This year’s experts and speakers include Gabriella Johnson (John Lewis & Partners), Liz Richards and Lorna Edwards (Primark), Adam Pow (Virgin Red), and others.

The event also provides a networking opportunity for email marketing experts. You can gain some knowledge from your peers’ experiences and share yours as well.

Key information:

Date & Location: June 20, 2024, London, UK

Website: The Advanced Email Conference

The Canadian Email Summit 2024

Canadian Email Summit banner with the date and a CTA to get a ticket
Source: Canadian Email Summit

The Canadian Email Summit is a conference where the top Canadian and international email marketing experts share their knowledge and discuss the evolution of the industry and new trends. Previous summits focused on improving email programs, understanding subscribers’ behavior, deliverability, boosting engagement, recent privacy and software updates, and other important aspects. The videos and slides from the conference are usually available afterward.

Some of the speakers from the previous years were Phil Hill (Door Dash), Nadia Milani (TeraGo), Bob Sybydlo (ENVERTAdigital), Clea Moore (Yahoo), and others.

Key information:

Date & Location: April 16, 2024, Canada

Website: The Canadian Email Summit

Social Media Strategies Summit

Social Media Strategies Summit banner promoting the event for senior-level marketing professionals
Source: Social Media Strategies Summit

Social Media Strategies Summit is a conference dedicated to the effective use of social media platforms for businesses. There, you can gain insights on how to build your brand’s online presence, keep your social media strategy up-to-date, use innovative approaches, tools, and software,  and much more.

The event will feature the following speakers: Amazon Web Services’ David Velez, Intel’s Leslie Douglas, Lionsgate’s Eric Dachman, and others.

Key information:

Date & Location: February 27 (workshops), February 28–29 (general summit), 2024, online

Website: Social Media Strategies Summit

Utterly Content Global Festival

Utterly Content Global Festival logo
Source: Utterly Content Global Festival

Utterly Content Global Festival is an event focused on various aspects of content marketing. This year, it will explore topics, such as writing for emails, content design, content strategy, storytelling, artificial intelligence use and software, content modeling, email marketing, and more. The information will be presented in 90-minute blocks with the discussion sessions.

The speaker list includes experts from different parts of the world (Nigeria, Canada, India, and more), such as Mary Sabotkoski (Canva), Katherine Igiezele (Toptal), Tizzy Asher (Meta Reality Labs), Paulo Fernandes (Luscious Orange), Rishi Sharma (Cvent), and others.

Key information:

Date & Location: March 20–21, 2024, online

Website: Utterly Content Global Festival

Digital Marketing Europe

Digital Marketing Europe banner promoting an international conference for marketers, content creators, data analysts, and advertisers
Source: Digital Marketing Europe

Digital Marketing Europe is an international marketing conference for industry experts. It will focus on different topics, such as personalization, voice search optimization, social media influencer marketing, user-generated content, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and many more. There, you can get some insights from experts from different countries and backgrounds and network with your peers.

Some of the speakers are Jon Mowat from Hurricane Media, UK, Harri Olavinsilta from Porpoise Marketing, Finland, Sanjay Sauldie from, Germany, and others.

Key information:

Date & Location: March 20–21, 2024, Vilnius, Lithuania

Website: Digital Marketing Europe


SocialDay logo
Source: SocialDay

SocialDay is a forum for experts in social media marketing that started in 2015. This year’s event will focus on social commerce, content diversity, metaverse, and more. It will also feature a Q&A with some of the social media leaders, such as META and Snapchat.

This year’s speaker line-up includes Rise at Seven’s Carrie Rose, SurveyMonkey’s Lidia Infante, Rocket’s James Epskine, and others.

Key information:

Date & Location: May 8, 2024, London, UK

Website: SocialDay

DigiMarCon East

DigiMarCon East banner promoting a 2-day event in New York
Source: DigiMarCon

DigiMarCon East, or Digital Marketing Conference, is a two-day event focusing on the latest trends in digital marketing. This year’s event will cover multiple topics, such as email marketing, artificial intelligence, mobile marketing, UI / UX design, and many more. The speakers include digital marketing, advertising professionals, and other experts to present the latest innovations. Some of the previous speakers were TikTok’s Ciara Hanley, PayPal’s Sonal Shan, Facebook’s Nadia Tan, LinkedIn’s Petra Hailu, and many more.

Key information:

Date & Location: May 16–17, 2024, New York City, New York

Website: DigiMarCon


MozCon banner with dates and a CTA to buy tickets
Source: MozCon

MozCon is a conference launched by Moz, focused on different aspects of digital marketing. Some of the topics that will be discussed are SEO, artificial intelligence technologies, social media platforms, and many more. The event will provide a great opportunity to learn new trends in various digital marketing areas and expand your network by connecting with fellow professionals.

The speaker list includes the founder at Data Sci 101 Britney Muller, Moz’s Senior Content Marketing Manager Chima Mmeje, Clearscope’s Co-founder Bernard Huang, and other top experts.

Key information:

Date & Location: June 3–4, 2024, Seattle, Washington

Website: MozCon

Growth Marketing Summit

Growth Marketing Summit banner promoting Europe’s #1 growth conference
Source: Growth Marketing Summit

Growth Marketing Summit is the biggest event dedicated to digital marketing in Europe. It will gather industry experts from various parts of the world. There, you can learn more about digital optimization and growth, data-driven and customer-oriented strategies, and build connections.

Some of this year’s speakers are Spotify’s Luke Frake, American Express’ Shagun Aulakh, Miro’s Ioana Teleanu, and others.

Key information:

Date & Location: June 19, 2024, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Website: Growth Marketing Summit


INBOUND’s banner stating the dates and location of the conference

INBOUND is an annual marketing and sales conference by HubSpot. The event will also cover topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, data management & analytics, leadership, and others. INBOUND attracts a variety of speakers, business leaders, and industry experts from different areas. The attendees’ industries vary from computer service to biotech, so it will be a great networking opportunity.

Some of the speakers from the previous years were Michelle and Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Bartlett, Reese Witherspoon, and more.

Key information:

Date & Location: September 18–20, 2024, Boston, Massachusetts

Website: INBOUND

Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World logo
Source: Content Marketing World

For its 14th year, Content Marketing World will discuss the latest content marketing innovations. Produced by the Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing World aims to bring together various content creators, agencies, marketing leaders, and other content marketing experts. This year, the conference will focus on developing a successful content marketing strategy, measuring your content ROI, data and analytics, and other aspects.

The event previously featured Google’s Cassie Kozyrkov, Croud’s Avinash Kaushik, Zillow’s Beverly Jackson, and others.

Key information:

Date & Location: October 21 (workshops), October 22–23 (conference), 2024, San Diego, California

Website: Content Marketing World

Wrapping up

Email marketing, digital marketing, and other conferences are important for professional growth and networking. Attending a conference is a great opportunity to learn from various experts, get to know the latest trends and software developments, and connect with your peers. These events can spark inspiration, give you insights and ideas on new business ventures and tactics. Choose one of the events from this article and start planning your business trip!

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