If You Were an Email …. Which Kind?

If You Were an Email …. Which Kind?
21 November, 2021 • ... • 2312 views
Eugene Vasilev
by Eugene Vasilev

It’s the year 2050, humanity has reached immortality but on one condition: every mind must be uploaded on the internet and become an email. Thankfully, you have a few decades left to prepare. Which inboxes will you roam and for what purpose? Let’s see…

P.S. I’ve learnt from this quiz more about myself than from zodiacs, MBTI test and political compass thing.

21 November, 2021
Article by
Eugene Vasilev
Content writer on all things email marketing at Selzy. Writing, editing and illustrating over the last 5 or so years. I create simple texts with examples to inform or entertain readers. In love with the semicolon. Boring language merchant. Egg came first. My favorite bands will never come to my city. Let's play beach volleyball.
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