The Foolproof Guide to Email List Building

The Foolproof Guide to Email List Building
18 August, 2021 • ... • 3465 views
Evgenia Budrina
by Evgenia Budrina

So, you want to build an email list. You’ve probably done your research already and found a bunch of articles that list 50, 80, or even 100 ways to do it. Sounds great! But here are the questions that might arise when you start collecting contacts:

  • Sign-up forms. Putting it up on the website is one thing. Setting it up correctly to bring you quality leads is completely another story. What do I do so that my sign-up form brings conversion?
  • Social media. How do I turn my followers into subscribers?
  • Lead magnets. Everybody says they are a must. Which type is the best for me? How do I promote it to get the leads that will turn into sales?

If these are the questions you don’t have concrete answers for, our Foolproof Guide might come in handy. In it, we didn’t just list the ways — we explained how to make the most of each of them. You will find 21 ways to grow your email list, each of them thoroughly explained.

You can access the Guide right away, it’s free. Or, you can read further to find out how exactly it will help you with your email list.

How this Guide will help you

There are 13 chapters in the Guide, each representing a medium where you can find your potential email subscribers. It starts from the very obvious signup forms and leads you up to more tricky ways like getting leads by answering Quora questions or at offline events.

The Guide table of contents
As you scroll down the Guide, there will always be a table of contents following you on the left to help you navigate to the needed chapter easier

Here is what you will see in each chapter:

  • detailed tips and tricks on how to make the most out of each way
  • hand-picked real-life examples to show you how it works

All the information is backed by solid research and 10+ years of experience in email marketing.

The Guide is full of hand-picked examples
The chapter about Facebook sign-up buttons/tabs is generously seasoned with examples. Just like any other chapter in the Guide.

A cheat sheet to see the big picture

To help you see the big picture, we put together a concise cheat sheet. It helps you access the ideas fast and saves time from scrolling down the Guide. You will still have access to the Guide’s more advanced tips, how-to’s, and examples: each section has a link to the corresponding part in the guide.

The cheat sheet navigation
Here’s how the cheat sheet navigation works

Yes, the Guide is free

To access the Guide, the only thing you need to do is to leave your email. We’ll be sending you our email marketing digest with expert advice on email marketing, backed by research and 10+ years of experience. Once every 2 weeks. No spamming.

18 August, 2021
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Evgenia Budrina
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