How To Write an Email Marketing Specialist Resume To Get Hired

How To Write an Email Marketing Specialist Resume To Get Hired
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Kate Sho
by Kate Sho

Email marketing is an exciting mix of tech-savvy and creative. If you want to make your living off mailings, you have to take the best of two worlds and promote yourself using a short but very important document — a resume. And it’s got to have a standard structure but be original enough to catch the eye and make you look like a star. After all, employers have seconds to form their opinion.

So how to cram it all up in one little email marketing resume? Let’s sort out the details. We’ll use the expertise of Selzy’s own Olha Mischuk — a recruiter with 7 years of experience.

Email marketing CV vs resume — what’s the difference?

First things first.

There are 2 types of documents that people use to show their experience and abilities when they want to apply for a job: CV and resume.

The difference is that:

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

  • A CV is a detailed multiple-page document that includes all places of work and study, a description of university research, scholarships, volunteering work, doctorates, etc. CVs are best for scientists, doctors, C-level executives.
  • A resume is a 1-2 page concise description of your skills and experience, relevant for a particular position. Resumes are a better option for non-academic, “professional” positions.
CVs and resumes have different structures, you can spot the difference at a glance. Source: IMDiversity
CVs and resumes have different structures, you can spot the difference at a glance. Source: IMDiversity

So it looks like what you need for email marketing specialist vacancies is a resume, and that’s what we’re going to break down.

5 things every email marketing resume must include

A resume consists of several main parts:

  • Header and contacts
  • Summary statement
  • Technical and soft skills
  • Work experience
  • Certifications and education

It doesn’t mean that yours has to strictly adhere to this formula. You can play around with the blocks, merge and remove them, or add new ones, but it’s a general idea that matters.

Now let’s go through each of them in detail.

Eye-catching resume header with contacts

A resume header is the first thing a recruiter or employer sees when they look at your resume. It’s nothing complicated, you just have to place all the required info in one place and format it right.

Add in the header your:

  • Name. Make it big and stand out.
  • Title. “Email Marketing Specialist” is OK, but better show that you’re creative and understand business at the same time. Make the title sound interesting, on the lines of “Email marketer with 10 years of experience in retail”. It depends on a particular job description. Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter, try to imagine what would catch their eye.
  • Location. If you’re open to relocation, mention it here. You can also leave it off, especially if a job is 100% remote.
  • Personal website or LinkedIn profile. As you’re after an email marketing specialist position, people would expect some examples of your work. Don’t have a website? Google “make a digital marketing portfolio”, use one of the resources and add a link there.
  • Contact info. By contact information, we mean your phone number, email, and other means of communication mentioned by a company in a job description.

Place the header at the top of the document or align it to the left or to the right creating a column. Whatever the case, make it discernible.

Examples of resume header location
Examples of resume header location

The main rule: always check and recheck your contacts. The thing is, a header is not a rocket science part of a resume as such but even a small mistake made there can cost a lot and derail all your efforts.

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

I had a case like this when I was looking for a job myself and I made a mistake in my phone number (back in the days when phones were really important). For two days I had been totally distraught like “Why isn’t anyone calling me? Am I such a hopeless case or what? What’s wrong with me?”

Finally, it dawned on me. I changed one figure, started to get calls from employers, and finally landed a job.

Resume summary statement

A resume summary is 3-5 sentences that you place in or near the header and whose point is to make a manager read the whole document. So pay special attention to the summary.

Tell about your experience, skills, and achievements and why you think you suit this job. Choose your words wisely as hiring managers will expect outstanding copywriting from you.

A good summary is catchy, concise, and concrete.

Examples of resume summary
Examples of resume summary

An impressive list of technical and soft skills

A good email marketer is a precious fusion, a specialist who’s versatile. They are a bit of a geek, an analyst, a creative, and an entrepreneur at heart. So show both hard skills and soft skills in your resume.

If you analyze job descriptions for email marketing specialists, you’ll notice a pattern.

Recruiters will expect from you these hard skills:

  • Knowledge of email industry best practices
  • An eye for user interface and user experience
  • Analytical abilities with a record of data-driven success
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Experience working with a variety of CRMs
  • Experience with ESPs
  • Comprehension of legal aspects of CAN-SPAM and GDPR

As for the soft skills, HRs usually want someone with:

  • Outstanding communication skills — written and verbal
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented disposition
  • Problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize
  • Team skills

Some employers are looking not so much for marketers as for newsletters creators. In this case, they rather need skillful writers so technologies fade into the background. Needless to say, it really depends on the job description. If a company is essentially looking for a writer and designer, don’t try to impress them with your abilities to create outstanding sales funnels, that wouldn’t be relevant. Rather find what matters in their particular case. Maybe they want a highly motivated self-starter? Or someone with a deep knowledge of working with databases?

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

Do specific tools matter? Like if you have experience with Mailchimp, then is a Hubspot job out of your league?

The truth is, the specifics don’t really matter. Even if some two ESPs are different, a marketer can learn a new platform in a matter of weeks or months at the most.

The point is that it’s better to mention specific tools and platforms in your resume if they are mentioned in the job description (if you have relevant experience, that is) because HR specialists sometimes search by keywords.

To select candidates, HR specialists use keyword searches as there is no time to read each resume from start to finish. See what skills and competencies are required in your job description and add them to your resume. The more accurately you get into the list of key phrases, the more likely you are to get an invitation for an interview. Yes, you will have to change your resume for different companies and vacancies.

A snapshot of one of the email marketing specialist openings. If you mention these particular tools in your resume, you’ll have better chances.
A snapshot of one of the email marketing specialist openings. If you mention these particular tools in your resume, you’ll have better chances.

Email marketing work experience

Ever wanted to write some memoirs? Well, a resume is not particularly the place for it, but it’s your chance to tell your Story and Journey (the career ones, of course) and to provide some details for all those skills you mentioned earlier.

In the experience part, tell about your previous work responsibilities and your greatest achievements, show how you kept track of various KPIs, developed new approaches, and analyzed the outcome of each email campaign.

Don’t copypaste skills into work experience. Rather, provide a different perspective, indicate the real tasks that you faced at each workplace, like:

  • Building email marketing strategies from scratch
  • Growing the lists of subscribers
  • Launching automatic email sequences
  • Managing a weekly news digest and regular marketing campaigns.

How to write about achievements?

Many talented marketers are great at promoting products but not comfortable with praising themselves for something they did because it sounds like bragging to them. There’s one best way to write about your achievements though to stay modest and please HR managers.

Always describe your results using numbers.

A company wants to know what they will get if they hire you. They don’t need A/B testing, email sequences, or new subscribers as such. Employers need sales, repeat sales, and new customers.

For example, imagine you have implemented new software or service or created a new kind of email campaign or an automation series. Write down what goal you achieved and how it affected the results (“as a result, costs decreased from … to …”, “conversion increased from … to …”, etc.).

Here are some ideas on results:

  • Company profit increased 15%
  • Expenses reduced by $10,000 per month
  • The number of spam reports decreased by 80%
  • The new products profits rose by 1.2 times
  • The delivery rate increased from 65% to 95%.

Write the real results of your work. Don’t appropriate others’ achievements or exaggerate your own.

An excerpt from a real resume that would’ve been great if it contained some results and numbers. Plus, the punctuation is inconsistent.
An excerpt from a real resume that would’ve been great if it contained some results and numbers. Plus, the punctuation is inconsistent.
This candidate does it better by showing results.
This candidate does it better by showing results.

How many places of work to mention?

In your resume, mention 1-3 previous workplaces that seem the most relevant to the position you are applying for. There’s no need for you to tell about all your experience starting from selling cookies in the 3rd grade.

Best choose places where you have spent at least 6 months because 6 months is about the minimum that you need to really understand what a job is all about and start to bring profit. Don’t mention 2-3 months tenures, unless that’s all you’ve got. In this case, note why you’d spent so little time there.

What if you have no experience?

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

What to do if you have no relevant experience? Send an empty resume? Of course, not.

Let your resume be short and include even the non-relevant work experience, but you have to be clear on why you mention it. For example, you want to be an email marketer but have worked only as a sales manager. Sales management doesn’t sound especially relevant, right? You can change it by adding that you learned how to find a way to any person, communicate goals, etc.

It’s your skills that should be relevant, not your exact job duties at the previous workplace.

If you’re a student and have no work experience at all, tell about your activities during studies, courses, trainings, achievements. They should be relevant too.

Email marketing certifications and relevant education

Having analyzed a number of job descriptions, I found out that most hiring managers search for email marketing specialists with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent working experience. The preferred university fields are Marketing, Business, Communications, or related areas. Some are fine with a High School diploma but demand more in terms of experience.

Along with your degree, you can also include additional certificates you’ve acquired to expand your knowledge. The following credentials will help you stand out as a person dedicated to email marketing:

  • Marketo Certified Expert
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  • Eloqua Master
  • Responsys Master Certification

Some companies favor applicants with:

  • Adobe Creative suite Certifications
  • Google Analytics IQ

Others need specialists with the knowledge of foreign languages like Spanish or German.

Tips to make sure your resume impresses everyone

Consider your resume layout

HRs say that resume screening is important but time-consuming as there are many responses. HR managers can process more than 80 resumes per week for 1 vacancy.

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

If we work according to a certain scheme for evaluating a resume, then it usually takes less than 1 minute to understand if a candidate suits us.

If the resume is really logical and concisely built, then there is a need to devote more time to this resume and go into details.

A good structure will not only help an HR manager to quickly understand what your offer is about, but it’ll also act as a sign that you’re a professional. HRs expect good structure from you as an email marketing specialist.

You don’t have to design your resume from scratch though. There are services on the web that have ready-made templates that you just have to fill in and maybe tweak a bit. For example, Canva’s resume builder. It has dozens of quality templates with different blocks, but all clean, stylish, and logical:

Choose one depending on your experience and strengths and job description. I used Canva to create email marketing resume templates for this article.
Choose one depending on your experience and strengths and job description. I used Canva to create email marketing resume templates for this article.

Write a simple to read and clear resume

Avoid extensive wording, ambiguous meanings, and long paragraphs of text. Use bullet points, and small text blocks. Don’t cram it all up in the style of early 2000s web design.

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

At first glance, it is immediately clear whether I will read the whole resume or not.

Structurality. The marketer must have a structure in their head. No overlong blocks of text without paragraphs. An email marketer is all about conciseness.

Don’t be afraid to market yourself

We talked about the hesitance to promote oneself in the Experience section, but let us stay on it a bit longer.

The marketer must understand what information is selling the “product” (in this case, them as a candidate). If this is not in the resume, it is unlikely that they will be able to sell products well, working for a company.

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

Don’t be afraid to praise yourself, write: “My accomplishments”, “I did it”.

Just use numbers and facts to describe your performance.

Only add relevant information

This is probably the most important rule of resume-making and a golden one: tailor your resume according to the specific position.

Every phrase should be clear, and every fact is appropriate. If some information makes you ask “Why should the employer know this?”, just delete it. “Does this have something to do with this job?” If not, delete it.

If you write that you worked with a company, indicate its name. If you use an abbreviation, decipher it. Try to avoid professional slang and complex abbreviations.

If you use one of the templates like on Canva, they are pretty concise from the start.

Craft a cover letter

A cover letter is a short story about yourself and your suitability for the job. In your resume, you describe your experience, professional knowledge, and skills. And in your cover letter, you need to explain why you think you are suitable for becoming a part of their workforce, how you can be useful to the employer, and why you should be invited for an interview with an HR.

What to do:

  • Do some research about the vacancy and the company. Think about how you can be of help. What do they need and what do they ask for? Write a cover letter specifically for this employer.
  • A cover letter is a short addition to your resume. Don’t repeat yourself.
  • Indicate how your experience applies to the job requirements. For example, briefly mention how you can improve the company’s newsletters.
  • If you don’t suit any of the requirements, indicate it in your cover letter. Write how you can work with it and learn new skills. Here’s Lensa’s advice on how to write a cover letter with no experience.

What not to do:

  • Use a generic cover letter for all responses.
  • Add empty words. Don’t write: “I am suitable for this vacancy because my mom says I’m good with numbers.”
  • Pour water. No need to write that you can learn everything without specific examples.
Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

A cover letter is a sign of respect for a company and for yourself. It shows that you spent time researching a company and you understand your goals.

A cover letter is great if you have no work experience because there are hundreds and thousands of responses for jobs with little or no experience and you need to stand out. Write what you find interesting about the company, the vacancy, and what you can do.

Analyze their website, what they do, what are its values, what others tell about it.

Make a cover letter short — no more than several paragraphs. Don’t copy info from the resume.

Always proofread

No mistakes, no sloppy copy.

Olha Mischuk
Olha Mischuk

Recruiter at Selzy

Make sure there’s one typeface, you have periods and commas in all the right places, lists.

Be consistent: don’t make one list capitalized and with no periods and make others look different.

Email marketing resume samples

A couple of resumes for your inspiration: one for email marketing specialist and one for an email marketing manager.





General tips

How to become an email marketer:

  • Use PDFs, they look good on any device.
  • Use Canva to create a resume for free. Choose a template. Play with blocks but keep in mind what you need to show and what you don’t need. There are ready-made templates but you can create an original one. Don’t overdo it though!
  • Keep your resume 1-2 pages long, don’t add info about volunteering and other stuff unless it’s relevant.
  • Tailor it for a specific vacancy.
  • Don’t mention jobs that are less than 1-3 months.
  • Add a cover letter. It’s not compulsory but it’s a kind of self-respect sign because it makes you look like you care about where you work.
  • Add to a cover letter your job expectations. It’s an exercise that helps you understand what you need and value in life. Do you want career development? Or to work from home?
  • Be attentive to style, design, and grammar.
  • Check your contacts.

Ready for the challenge? Or need some time yet to prepare and analyze job openings?

Visit our Careers in email marketing: tips & insights Facebook Community. There you’ll find hand-picked remote email marketing openings along with expert advice, tips & insights, and personal stories.

Good luck! 🤞❤️

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