How To Make the Most Out of Your Realtor Email Signatures

How To Make the Most Out of Your Realtor Email Signatures
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Aida Kubatova
by Aida Kubatova

As a real estate agent, you probably know that having a professional email signature is a crucial part of your online branding. There are dozens of emails being sent each day, from business emails to confirmation emails. How you communicate with people matters. Many buyers search for properties online and want to know more about the real estate agent before meeting them. Your email signature is a place where you can highlight your experience and make a lasting impression.

What is realtor email signature and why is it important

A realtor email signature is a block of text that appears at the end of an email message, providing the sender’s contact information and other relevant details. It typically includes the realtor’s name, title, company name, website, phone number, and email address. The purpose of a realtor’s signature is to provide potential clients with a quick and easy way to contact the realtor and learn more about their services. Here’s an example of what the real estate email signature looks like.


A great email signature can help establish the realtor’s credibility and trustworthiness, leading to more leads and ultimately more sales. It also allows the realtor to highlight their portfolio and reviews, which can help demonstrate their ability to sell houses for a higher price. Having a neat email signature is essential for you as a real estate agent because it helps to gain legitimate trust and integrity.

What to include in a real estate email signature

A signature can help to differentiate a real estate agent from competitors and make emails stand out in a crowded inbox. So here is a list of details you might consider including in your real estate email signature.

Photo or logo

Including a photo or a logo in a real estate email signature is a good idea for a few reasons. First, it helps to personalize the email and make it more memorable. This is especially useful if you want to establish a long-lasting relationship with a potential client. 

However, it is important to use a high-quality photo that is professionally made and flattering. Blurry or out-of-focus photos can actually have a negative impact on your reputation. Ensure that the photo is appropriate for a business setting and is in line with the realtor’s overall branding, like the one in this example below:

Real estate email signature with a photo

Your job title, company name, license number

Including your job title, company name, and license number in your signature is a good idea for a few reasons. First, it helps establish your credibility. Clients can see that you are a licensed real estate agent and know which company you work for, which can help build their confidence in your abilities. Your customers can easily see what you’re an expert in and what services exactly you offer.

Including your license number is also useful, as it shows that you are a pro and have met the requirements to be a licensed real estate agent. This can help build trust with potential clients and establish your authority as an expert in the field.

Real estate email signature with job title, company, and license number

Contact methods

Including contact methods in your signature makes it easy for potential clients to contact you and inquire about your services any way that’s convenient for them. This can help generate leads and ultimately, grow your real estate business. Multiple contact methods can provide potential clients with options for how to reach you. This can be especially useful if they have a preference for a certain method of communication, or if one method is not working for them.

Real estate email signature with different contact methods


Including a link to your portfolio in your email signature can make it easy for potential clients to access it. They can simply click on the link and view your portfolio without having to search for it on your website or social media profiles. Make sure that your portfolio is up-to-date and includes your most recent and impressive listings and projects. This will give potential clients the best possible impression of your abilities and expertise. So make sure you include a link to the website with your portfolio, like Aaron Loeb did in his signature below:

Real estate email signature with portfolio


Reviews are everything these days, especially for real estate agents. ​​Reviews help establish your credibility as a realtor and help build up your reputation. Make sure you include a link to the reviews on your website or another website with reviews so that people can see what others who have worked with you liked about it. So have a link to the reviews on your site and another website that shows all of your positive client feedback.

Real estate email signature with reviews

Social profiles

Social media profiles can help increase your online presence and reach. It allows potential clients to easily follow you on social media and see your updates and posts, which can keep your business top-of-mind and encourage them to contact you when they are ready to buy or sell a property. Always include links to your social profiles as icons, like in the example below, so people can look you up.

Real estate email signature with social profile links


By including a CTA button in your signature, you can make it easy for recipients to take the next step in their customer journey. A clear CTA is a request for the recipient to act after reading your signature, and you can miss out on a sale when you don’t add a CTA button. An excellent CTA will work great to grab visitors’ attention, spark their curiosity, and successfully lead them through the sale process. This could be anything from scheduling a property visit, requesting more information about our services, or just sending you a message. 

Real estate email signature with CTA buttons

Things to avoid in your signature

Inspirational quotes

A lot of people like adding inspirational quotes to their email signatures, but in certain cases, this can be inappropriate. While some people may enjoy reading these quotes, others may find them cheesy or irrelevant to the content of your email. Using inspirational quotes can take up valuable space and make your signature look stuffed or unprofessional.

Unnecessary details

Another thing to avoid in your signature is including unnecessary details. It’s important to keep it concise and to the point so that it doesn’t take up too much space in the recipient’s inbox. Only include the most important information in your email signatures, such as your name, job title, and contact information. You can also include a brief tagline or slogan that describes your business, but avoid including too many details or links that may distract the recipient from the main content of your email.

Videos and GIFs

Including videos and GIFs in your email signature is not recommended. While videos and GIFs can be a fun and engaging way to grab the attention of your audience, they are not appropriate for use in a signature. This is because they can take up a lot of space and slow down the loading time of your email, which can be frustrating for the recipient. Videos and GIFs may not be compatible with all email clients, so they will not display properly for everyone. It’s best to avoid using them to make sure your emails are easy to read and navigate.

Best lead generating real estate email signature examples

Here are a few real estate signature examples for your inspiration. They look nice and contain only relevant details that customers care about. Feel free to get some ideas from here for your own lead-generation email signature when sending out cold emails.

Case 1: Adding social media icons for social presence

As you can see in these examples below, your email signature could also be an ideal location to point email recipients toward all of your online presence so that your customers can select the ideal channel for their search. These realtors include hyperlinked icons for each social media platform where they are present. Customers can now connect with them on social media. This can also help you build a bigger following and become a new sales channel.

Real estate email signature with social media icons
Source: Real Estate Bees
Real estate email signature with social media icons
Source: Real Estate Bees
Real estate email signature with social media icons
Source: WiseStamp

Case 2: Including a calendar link for an instant booking

Victor has included a calendar link in his real estate signature below. As a realtor, you might want to include links to a calendar, which is great for highlighting upcoming events or letting customers book time to meet you in your office on your schedule right away.

Real estate email signature with calendar link
Source: New Old Stamp

Linda Brewer: Engaging CTA

In the example below, Linda Brewer added a clickable CTA button that encourages her readers to take a specific action — take a 360 virtual tour and book a Zoom call. By including any CTA button in your email signature, you can make it easy for recipients to take the next step in their customer journey. This can help increase conversions and drive more sales.

Real estate email signature with cta
Source: WiseStamp


Email signature is an important marketing tool in the real estate industry. It gives potential clients a summary of your business and makes it easy for them to find you online. An email with a good signature makes a good first impression on clients and prospects by adding credibility. Overall, an effective real estate signature can be a valuable tool for generating leads and growing a real estate business. So make sure you follow these steps when creating your email signature: 

  • Always add your photo, as it helps build trust.
  • Share your portfolio to stand out from the competition.
  • Add reviews to your email signature, as social proof is the best lead generator.
  • Add CTAs, so your clients can act right away.
  • Share all of the contact methods to make it easier to connect with you.

Also, check out these real estate email templates to ensure your signature stands out from the rest of the crowded inbox.

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