6 Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools: Reviews & Pricing

6 Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools: Reviews & Pricing
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Valeria Shulga
by Valeria Shulga

Links on Instagram are a headache for marketers, bloggers, and creators. The thing is that the service doesn’t allow you to insert direct links to your posts. The only place where you can share the link is your Instagram bio and stories.

A few years ago, every time you started a new campaign, you had to place the new link in the bio. But luckily things changed, and nowadays modern link in bio services allow you to optimize that one link and make the most of it. With these tools, you can improve your Instagram marketing strategy. Moreover, it is also possible to measure analytics and see actual statistics on clicks and conversions.

Let’s delve into the essence of Instagram links, and see why you need them. Also, you’ll find a handful of tools that allow you to get more out of your Instagram bio.

What is an Instagram bio link and why is it important?

As we’ve already mentioned, Instagram is not a generous platform when it comes to links: you can share just one and put it in a special field in your bio. It is impossible to place clickable links to your post or somewhere else in your bio. In this case, the link looks as follows:

eGeek’s Instagram page with an inactive link in the bio of the profile and a clickable link below

If the users want to follow this link, they’ll have to enter it manually in the browser. If the link is long, it will be difficult and can ruin the whole marketing strategy.

And why is having a proper link in your Instagram bio important? It guides your subscribers to your website and drives conversions. 57% of customers shop via social media. And other data shows that 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly.

Although previously there was only one link in bio available, the situation has changed. Anyone can now add up to 5 links to their Instagram profile. This highly-anticipated feature has been rolled out this year.

Here’s what it looks like on Pizza Hut’s account. You can see the main link and then the indication that there are 4 more links. Users can view the rest of the links by clicking on “4 others”:

Pizza Hut has a link to its website, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the Instagram link in bio

However, many accounts still use various link in bio services. These services don’t have the 5-link limitation. Plus, you can base links on the posts in your feed making it user-friendly.

Using several links at once allows you to promote several different campaigns at the same time, and boost your website traffic. Data shows that brands that use a complex link in bio can see 17% more average engagements per day. By clicking through these links, a user learns more about you and your brand and becomes more loyal. Not to mention that it’s an opportunity to monetize your Instagram. In the following chapter, we’ll show how you can add a link to an Instagram bio and the best Instagram tools to optimize this link.

How to put a link in an Instagram bio

Sure, when you start using third-party services to promote multiple links, you may think that Instagram bans your profile. However, we have good news for you: it is possible to stuff multiple Instagram links to your bio without harming your account. None of the tools requires access to your profile, so you won’t compromise your data safety by using these link in bio services. Besides, 31 million people on Instagram already use a link in bio service.

The tools for creating Instagram bio links work this way:

  1. You create a list of links/a good-looking landing page/a gallery of your posts — depending on the service you are using:
Shakira’s Linktree with links to her shop, playlist, and website
  1. This page is hidden behind a short link that you paste into the Instagram bio. When your subscribers click it, they see the page with the links you are promoting.
Shakira’s Instagram has a link in bio and emojis pointing to it

Yep, it’s that simple🙃

As you see, there is no need to give the service access to your personal data –– all configurations are done within the tool itself, and your profile remains intact.

Best Instagram bio link tools

Let’s explore the most popular tools to create multiple links in bio for Instagram profiles. Choose the one that suits the needs of your business most.


Unilink is a mobile e-commerce website builder for social networks. It allows you to create no-code, mobile-friendly landing pages for your Instagram or TikTok accounts.

Unilink’s link in bio in an Instagram account
The way Unilink links look in the Instagram bio

Unilink is suitable for any kind of business, but particularly for e-commerce: it helps create a professional-looking mobile store for your brand. Every time you publish a post, it appears on your Unilink website with a shoppable link.

Unilink website for a clothing and shoes brand

Unilink also allows you to receive order confirmations by email or messengers like WhatsApp. It saves a lot of time and energy spent on building email marketing for small business.

With the help of Unilink, you’ll be able to build a messenger bot without any expertise. There are several adjustable templates, and it is also possible to build your own bot. You can create a shopping bot (e-commerce cart), a feed bot (broadcast news), and an autoreply bot (FAQ and support).

Unilink buyer’s journey: from a link to the product page with a color selection
Steps in shopping bot by Unilink

The tool can be integrated with other popular services like Facebook, Shopify, Mailchimp, Reply.io, Google Spreadsheet. A built-in CRM makes sorting and processing orders fast and easy. In general, it’s a perfect fit for e-commerce store owners.

Pricing: a forever-free basic plan or a PRO plan starting at $5/month.


Linktree is a handy launchpad for your latest content. You can design a unique mobile page for your links from scratch with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

This tool is customizable and can be easily adjusted to your taste and needs. It is possible to showcase a unique brand image using different colors, fonts, and pictures.

Katy Perry’s Linktree page with various links
These pages are both created in Linktr.ee

The service provides analytics for views and clicks and allows you to discover which content performs best for your audience. Also, it integrates with third-party applications like Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Sheets, and others.

Pricing: a forever-free basic plan or a Starter plan starting at $5/month.


Lnk.Bio is an easy-to-use tool to collect multiple links in your Instagram account. One of its advantages is that you can add as many links as possible, promoting several campaigns simultaneously.

C. L. Cannon Instagram link in bio website with multiple links
Lnk.Bio is a smart way to collect as many links as you need in one place

With this service, you can create a custom URL and track the users’ activity like clicks and views. You can also cross-link all your social profiles and optimize engagement across different channels.

The end result is a simple yet elegant page with all the necessary links and social network profiles. It is possible to even insert a heading above your links.

Pricing: a forever-free basic plan or a mini-monthly starting at $0.99.

Tap Bio

Tap Bio offers a unique opportunity to turn a basic link into an interactive Instagram story. These “stories” can be used in a variety of ways. Show your most popular Instagram posts, share other social networks profiles or links to external sources such as your personal website.

Melissa Urban’s Tap Bio stories promoting products, a newsletter subscription, and more
Unlike other link in bio services, Tap Bio doesn’t just show ordinary links, but impressive interactive stories

The tool doesn’t require expertise in coding, design, or website building. Paid plans have an in-built analytics feature that tracks the number of views and clicks on your links. There is also an opportunity of retargeting users on Facebook, and Google AdSense accounts.

Pricing: free basic plan, paid plans starting at $5/month.


Leadpages is a landing page builder for mobiles, which allows you to create and host landing pages on their platform. You can create a convenient website from scratch and insert the link to your Instagram bio.

You can use a pre-designed template and adjust it to your needs with a customizable drag-and-drop editor. One page can host an endless number of your marketing campaigns, saving your time and money.

Leadpages drag-and-drop landing page builder
Leadpages’ website builder. Source: Rich-page.com

Once your landing page is finished, you can optimize it using a split-testing tool as well as Leadpages’ stats and analytics.

Leadpages is easily integrated with Facebook, allowing you to optimize your marketing campaigns and create new ads instantly.

Pricing: a 14-day free trial or a standard plan starting at $49/month.


Beacons is a powerful link in bio tool and a marketing platform. You can create up to two sub-pages in a mobile-friendly builder. It’s great for selling digital products and appointments, collecting tips and donations.

The service supports UTMs, referral and individual link analytics. One of the notable features is scheduling. You can make links appear and disappear on a schedule or make links clickable when you want.

Sia’s Beacons page includes links to her other social media accounts, an email submission form, and many links

Beacons is integrated with Zapier, Substack, and Mailchimp.

Pricing: a free plan or Link in Bio Pro starting at $10/month.

Link in bio examples

Now let’s look at some link in bio examples from various businesses.

Selzy uses its signature colors to promote various links and other social media accounts:

Selzy’s link in bio is a collection of links and social media icons

With its link in bio website, Headspace mirrors its Instagram page for easier navigation:

Headspace’s link in bio recreates the service’s Instagram posts

Levi’s link in bio is a stylish two-column layout with a header where every image is linked to the product page:

Levi’s has a two-column link in bio website with a header and images linked to products

Fujifilm Canada has a clean link in bio setup with headers for easier navigation between links:

Fujifilm’s link in bio is a collection of links with helpful headers

And Baggu mixes a collection of links with shoppable images at the bottom, the website also has a bright patterned background:

Baggu’s link in bio has several links at the top of the page and a grid of shoppable images below

With link in bio services, you can choose different layouts that better suit your preferences and your customers’ needs.

Final thoughts

Let us briefly remind you about the features each of the tools in this article offers.

Service Features Pricing
  • Best for e-commerce
  • Receive order confirmations by email or messengers
  • Build a messenger bot
  • Integrations with third-party services
  • A built-in CRM
A forever-free basic plan or a PRO plan starting at $5/month
  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor
  • Customizable design for your pages
  • Analytics for views and clicks
  • Integrations with third-party services
A forever-free basic plan or a Starter plan starting at $5/month
  • Collect as many links as you need
  • Create a custom URL
  • Track users’ activity
  • Cross-link all your social profiles
A forever-free basic plan or a mini-monthly starting at $0.99
Tap Bio
  • Publish interactive stories instead of ordinary links
  • An ​​in-built analytics feature in paid plans
  • An opportunity of retargeting users on third-parties accounts
A forever-free basic plan, paid plans starting at $5/month
  • A landing page builder for mobiles
  • Wide variety of templates
  • A customizable drag-and-drop editor
  • Stats and analytics
  • Easily integrates with Facebook
A 14-day free trial or a standard plan starting at $49/month
  • Up to two sub-pages
  • Various selling options
  • Analytics
  • Link scheduling
A free plan or Link in Bio Pro starting at $10/month

The tools we’ve mentioned can make it easy to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. They help optimize your marketing campaigns and promote several posts or any other activities at the same time.

Give one of these link in bio services a try and escape the limitation of the one link in bio on Instagram. Using such tools, you can easily direct your followers to where you want them to go.

23 August, 2023
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