getContactCount method

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method[tagId]=
tagId&params[type]=address|phone&params[search]=email/phone substring
api_key* API access key.
list_id * id of the list where the search is performed.
params * list of the search parameters (at least one parameter).
Additional parameters:
params[tagId] search by tag with a specific id (can be obtained using the getTags method).
params[type] search for a specific type of contacts, the possible values include «address» or «phone».
params[search] search in an email/phone by substring. Used only with the specified params [type] value.
Return value
JSON array in the following format:

                "type": "address"

listId — id of the list requested.
searchParams — list of parameters by which the calculation was made.
count — number of contacts.

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