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What are Emojis?

Emojis aka emoticons are pictograms of faces, objects, and symbols people use to communicate on the internet, including email communication. Although emojis look like small images, technically they are pieces of code that are automatically interpreted as images across browsers and some other apps. Each emoji has its own Unicode code point as well as the unique HTML code assigned to it.

Emojis can be used both in the subject line and the body of an email.

Some examples of emojis in email subject lines

Some examples of emojis in email subject lines

Where to get emojis

Here are a couple of websites to help you find that perfect emoji:

  1. — The complete list of emojis and their respective codes from the official Unicode website. The website also provides reference on how emojis render across different platforms.
  2. — Another convenient emoji list with emoji categories. The website also provides reference on emoji renderings across platforms, plus HTML codes you can easily copy and paste into your HTML email.

How to add emojis to the subject line

Create an email campaign. On the Add a subject page, click a smiley face next to the Subject field.

Add a subject

You'll see a popup window with a list of emojis. For your convenience, the emojis are grouped into categories.


Click on an emoji to add it to the subject line.

Click on an emoji

How to add emojis to email body

Add emojis in the new email builder

Copy an emoji from any website with emoji sets.

Create or open an email in Selzy new builder.

Click to edit the text block. Place the  cursor where you want to add the emoji to.

Click to edit the text block

Paste the emoji you’ve copied before.

Here’s what the result will look like.

result will look like

Add emojis in the HTML editor

Copy an emoji from any website with emoji sets.

To insert the emoji into an HTML email, you can copy both the emoji itself and its HTML code. Copy the HTML code.

insert the emoji into an HTML email

Create an email in the HTML editor.

To switch to the source code mode, click Source in the top toolbar.

click Source

Press Ctrl+F In the search field, type the text you want to add the emoji to.

type the text

Place your cursor where you want to insert an emoji.

Place your cursor

Paste the HTML code of the emoji.

Paste the HTML code

To switch back to visual view, click Source again.

This is what the emoji will look like in an email:

emoji will look like

Cross-platform rendering of emojis

A single emoji may look different across different devices, OS, and email clients. For instance, Windows doesn't display country flags, while iOS and Android render emojis differently. Keep this fact in mind when using emojis in your emails. This is especially important if the text is linked with the color and shape of the emoji.

To illustrate, let's see what  10 different emojis look like in a subject line across different apps and systems.

App, System Emoji rendering
Selzy interface, Windows Создание рассылки в Selzy, Windows

GB symbols at the left of the text string are characters for the UK flag emoji. Windows does not render country flags.

Outlook app (Microsoft 365), Windows Приложение Outlook (Microsoft 365), Windows

Black-and-white emojis are specific to Outlook


Gmail app, Android Приложение Gmail, Android

The UK flag is rendered correctly, but the emojis look different

Gmail app, iOS Приложение Gmail, iOS

On iOS, most emojis look very different, too.

Before sending an email campaign, send a test email to several email addresses that belong to you or your organization, and open the email on different devices to check if everything works the way you want.


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