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Learn how an EdTech startup doubled its subscriber base, improved conversions, and achieved a 10x increase in email channel revenue in 7 months with Selzy

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Industry: EdTech, online school with digital courses

Before using Selzy, an online school specializing in digital courses relied on the email channel for only 5% of its total revenue. Their email marketing strategy was underdeveloped, primarily limited to course announcements and sales promotions.

To sell high-priced courses, they used an automated webinar funnel with lead magnets and tripwires.

After interviewing potential students who had not purchased a course for some reason, the school identified two main barriers:

  • Lack of confidence in the school’s expertise, as it was unclear why the school should be considered an expert
  • Lack of confidence in the teaching method as potential students questioned the need to pay for courses when free videos were available on YouTube

Products used: Selzy

With the help of Selzy experts, the school implemented a new email marketing strategy and started sending out newsletters twice a week.

  • The first newsletter was all about building brand awareness and loyalty. It consistently provided detailed information about the school, its history, and the founder’s personal story.
  • The second newsletter was focused on demonstrating the school’s expertise. Some emails included summaries of paid Q&A sessions, while others invited subscribers to attend such sessions — with the opportunity to ask questions if their question is selected by the webinar host.

In addition, the school introduced storytelling emails featuring student success stories to further build confidence in the courses they offer.

Within 7 months, revenue generated through the email channel exceeded 30% of the company’s total revenue and grew 10x — from $8-10k/month to $80k/month.

All key metrics showed significant growth:d started sending out newsletters twice a week.

  • Email open rates: from 8% to 15,6%
  • Email database: from 100,000 to 152,000 in 7 months (70,000 new subscribers and 18,000 total unsubscribes)
  • Email channel revenue: from $8-10k/month to $80k/month (from 5% of revenue to 30%)

As for marketing expenses, the cost of the Selzy account increased from $350/month for a database of 100k emails to $450/month for a database of 150k emails. Content strategy development cost $3k, including $1k per month for email support and review, and $2k per month for email creation.

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