AI image generator for email marketing by Selzy

Create unique visuals to enhance the impact of your email marketing campaigns and make them even more engaging with Selzy's AI image generator for emails.

AI image generator for emails

Don't splurge on a designer

Give your brand a distinctive and instantly recognizable marketing look by combining the built-in media gallery of ready-to-use images and GIFs with AI image generation for your email content.

Get your own unique marketing design in a minute

  • Just type in what kind of graphics you need and get four different options to choose from in one minute
  • Choose from over 800,000 ready-to-use images and GIFs and customize them to perfectly match your style
  • Upload your own branded graphics from your device or provide a link to them and edit them right in the builder

Benefits of Selzy AI image generator for email newsletters

Suitable for any industry or marketing purpose

Enhanced visual appeal

Enhanced visual appeal

Get distinctive marketing email content for any occasion or product with AI image generation. Combine different styles or choose one and stick with it — it’s all up to you.

Customization options

Customization options

Have fun with visual filters, crop and resize images to perfectly fit your template. Add a final touch with shapes, text, stickers, and more.



Get tailored AI-generated images in minutes. No more waiting for a designer and wasting time explaining what visual style you want your marketing content to have.

Integration capabilities

Integration capabilities

Generate and edit images right in the email builder with no need to switch between multiple tabs and software.



Save your marketing budget with the ability to high-quality generate images with AI and a built-in media gallery with access to hundreds of thousands of stock visuals.

Who use our AI image generator for bulk email

See how these AI-powered email marketing tools can help you grow

Marketing agencies

Please your customers with superior email templates delivered in hours, not days or weeks, so you can focus more on developing a winning email marketing strategy. Cut costs on design and production and serve more clients.


E-commerce businesses

Send email campaigns that actually sell, not just deliver vanity metrics. Get a unique visual marketing identity for your product and create personalized content for your customers without the hassle of third-party agencies or freelancers.


SaaS companies

Spread the word about your products and services and keep your customers in the loop with attention-grabbing email content that resonates with your audience. Drive more revenue by starting an affiliate program in minutes and preparing all the visual materials you need in minutes.


Web builders

Go beyond building just a website for your clients. Offer a full service to develop branded design for social media and email templates for any type of mid-sized or small business.


Educational institutions

Make important announcements and communications with your students thought-provoking, not boring. Create lively, interactive email campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence.

Automate your newsletter with Selzy image generator for emails

Let AI take care of routine tasks like email content creation so you can focus on what matters most!
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How does the AI image generator utilize artificial intelligence to create images?


The AI image generator utilizes an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses machine learning technology to create and optimize images.

What types of images can Selzy generate?


This AI-driven platform can generate any type of marketing image relevant to any topic. Plus, AI-generated images can help maintain a consistent brand image across your human resources channel. Just type in what you want to generate and you get the exact result in a minute!

What features does the AI image generator offer for customization of images?


Here’s a complete list of manual customizations. You can:

  • Apply visual filters
  • Resize and crop an image
  • Draw or add text, shapes and stickers
  • Frame an image or round its corners
  • Merge multiple images

On top of that, you can ask the artificial intelligence to customize your image in any other way!