setSenderDomain method

What will be the result of this method execution?

The system will register the domain in the list for authentication and generate a dkim key for it.

Confirm the address on the domain to add the domain to the list.

Principle of use

Available HTTPS methods: POST, GET
api_key * API access key.
domain * Domain name without indication of the protocol. For example,
username * User login in the system.

Examples of the return value

Upon execution, json will be displayed:

  1. If your rights are not sufficient:
    {"error":"OB20150818-05 [Missing register_return_path right. 
    Please write to our customer-care, if you need it.]"}
  2. If the domain is already registered:
    {"error":"OB20150818-02 [Domain already exists]"}
  3. If the domain registration failed. There may be other errors, but the display will always have the same format, as shown below:
    {"error":"OB20150818-06 [Couldn't register domain]"}
  4. If everything is OK, you will get the public key back that you need to add to your DNS record:
    {"result":{"dkim":"здесь будет публичный ключ"}}

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