updateEmailTemplate method

It is a method to edit email templates for a mass campaign created using the createEmailTemplate method.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
updateEmailTemplate (int template_id [string title, string subject, string body, string lang, string text_body,
string description])
api_key * API access key.
template_id * It is a template identifier that can be obtained by calling the createEmailTemplate, getTemplate, getTemplates, listTemplates methods.
title Template name.
description A text description of the template, which can be obtained later when this template is called.
subject String with the letter subject. It may include substitution fields.
body Text of the letter template in the HTML format with the possibility to add substitution fields. If you transfer the entire HTML text, test such letters additionally as headers outside the body may be modified. In addition, in order to reduce a difference in the display in various mail applications, we automatically add additional markup to each letter (a table with invisible borders, which also sets a default font and left alignment of the text). You may request to turn it off for your letters by contacting our technical support service.
text_body Text version of the letter template.
lang Two-letter language code for the string with the unsubscribe link that is added to each letter automatically. If it is not specified, the language code from the API URL is used.

In addition to the string with the unsubscribe link, this language also affects the interface of the unsubscribe page. Languages ru, it, ua and en are fully supported, and in case of some other languages (da, de, es, fr, nl, pl, pt, tr), the string with a link will be translated, and the control interface will be in English.

Return value
Example of the return value in case the template has been updated successfully:

        {"warning":"some warning text, if applicable"}

In the event of an error:

{"error":"error message", "code":"error code"}

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