getVisitedLinks method

Get a report on the links visited by users in the specified email campaign.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
getVisitedLinks (int campaign_id, bool group) &group=1
api_key * API access key.
campaign_id * Campaign identifier received when calling createCampaign method.
group Group results by the links visited. If the user has visited the link several times, the results will be represented by one record indicating the number of visits in the count field.
Return value
JSON-object with the following fields:
fields Array of field names. It includes the email (user address), url (visited link), request_time (visit time), ip (user's ip address) and count (number of the link visits if the group parameter is specified) fields.
data Array of the results of the visited links. Each result is an array of fields, described in the fields.
If there are any errors or warnings, they are returned in the error/warnings fields as described.
Example of the return value:

    "fields":["email","url","request_time","ip"] ,
      ["[email protected]","","2011-01-27 09:38:01",""]
      ["[email protected]","","2011-01-27 09:38:02",""]
      ["[email protected]","","2011-01-27 09:38:03",""]

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