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Elena Batova
Elena is a UX and Content Writer, with a background in SaaS and video game localization. She advocates for bringing value to users and readers, implementing DEI best practices, and creating safe spaces for teams and professionals to share their experiences. She writes in both English and Russian. A cat lover, foodie, and adventurer.
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Arina Topoleva
At the core of my professional identity is a passion for global connections, communications and digital marketing. With a vision based on an inspiring aesthetic, I am trying to bring a unique flavor to all my projects, creating content that would contribute to a user-based perspective in content marketing.
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Tatiana Khavronskaya
University professor, copywriter and email marketing addict. Keen on learning new things and exploring the world.
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Gayane Sargsyan
Content writer and marketer with 8+ years of experience. I specialize in creative copywriting, analytics and PR. Outside of working hours I love making hand-built ceramics, traveling and hanging out with my vizsla.
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