Layout Requirements for Submission to Email Coding and Design Services in Selzy

Here’s how to prepare your email layout for submission to Selzy paid design services.

Selzy offers paid email design and coding services to help you save time and resources on your in-house email marketing. Your email templates can be submitted in two formats:

  • Designs as Figma and PSD files;
  • Design drafts as JPG or PSD images.

Please see the following requirements before submitting your designs.

Basic requirements for Figma and PSD files

How we work. You provide a ready-made visual design of the email, designed by you or your designer. We code the email and test it across email clients.

What to submit:

  1. Templates in Figma or PSD files.
  2. Text content in DOC, DOCX, or Google Docs files.

Design requirements:

1.Use layered PSD templates. The layers must not be merged.

2.Your designs should use standard web fonts. This ensures that the fonts will be rendered correctly across all email clients. Here’s the list of the web safe fonts for your email campaigns:

    • Arial
    • Verdana
    • Times New Roman
    • Georgia
    • Tahoma
    • Trebuchet MS.

Should you still need to use other fonts, please submit them with your files. For each of the extra fonts, specify an alternative - one of the standard web-safe fonts to use in case an email client fails to render the intended font.

3.Recommended email file settings:

  1. Fonts: 12-13 px and up.
  2. Design width: 600-700 px.
  3. File size: up to 8 MB.

4.Use the CMYK color model.

Basic requirements for JPG and PNG design files

How we work. You provide an email draft as an image file. We design a template and test it across email clients.

What to submit:

  1. Email design as a  single image in JPG or PNG format.
  2. All required graphic materials (images).
  3. Text content as DOC or DOCX files.



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