Responsive emails

Create messages for every reader and every screen.

Responsive emails

Responsive email is the new black

With 50.1% of all Internet traffic accounting for mobile devices (Hootsuite), a responsive email is not a nice-to-have, but a necessity.

Don’t just adapt ― create!

  • Mobile-friendly? With Selzy, you can go much further than that. Play with email builder blocks to create a separate mobile version for your message. From images to content order – your message will look its best on any gadget.

Adapt it your way


Image optimization

Adapt your visuals with a slide bar or apply the full image width to all devices. Immediately check how it looks in ‘Preview’ mode.


Hamburger menu

Customize the shape, colors, and size of the hamburger menu and its background. Immediately see how it looks as you change.


Product cards

Choose how you will show your products: one under another (default setting) or in a row of 2 or 3 (when you need your customers to have a clear overview on one screen).

Full support and protection аll along your journey


Device-specific blocks

Device-specific blocks

Create device-specific blocks for all gadget options. For example, you can choose to display a ‘call us’ button block on a mobile device only, and a ‘go to store’ button block for desktop users.

User-friendly content order

User-friendly content order

Place your images above your buttons — the most user-friendly way of content sequence — on a mobile version with a special ‘Reverse Stack Order’ option. You can switch it on for those blocks where on the desktop a button is on the left, and a picture is on the right.

Lets users call/text you right from the email

Set up ‘call’ or ‘text’ button in just a few clicks

Add ‘call us’ or ‘text us’ if you prefer mobile users to call or text you directly from the email. Set up and customize these buttons in no time.

users call you right from email

Let your emails nail it!


Transactional emails

Send millions of messages per hour and enjoy outstanding deliverability and user-friendly API with Selzy transactional emails tool.


Email analytics

See if your mobile version performs better than a desktop one with a comprehensive analytics tool by Selzy.


Bulk email

Send to thousands or millions, all the while staying relevant to each and every subscriber with Selzy free bulk email service.


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Can I send the same message both to desktop and phones?


Yes. The content will always remain the same, regardless of the device. What differs, though, is how it appears on each particular screen. Using Selzy’s responsive templates, you can be sure it’ll stay consistent on any gadget, big or small.

Is it possible to create messages just for phones?


It sure is with the Selzy’s builder! With us, you can create gadget-specific versions of every message you send, making sure it fits how subscribers read it.

How do I make my messages responsive on Selzy?


Adapt every message and make it work everywhere. Start at device-specific blocks and buttons (calls and links), resize images, and go to reverse stack order to link buttons with proper images.

Is sending responsive emails free?


It is! Create a Selzy account, go to Campaigns and Emails. There, you can start from scratch or use some of our templates.

Why do I need responsive emails?


They ensure great performance of your message, no matter what device your readers use. Responsive HTML emails create better user experience, hence more trust in your brand.

Get the best possible result for all devices

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