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Combine email and chatbot automation. Deliver a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

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Transform your workflow with our chatbot automation solution

Manage automated bots in a single, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface with Selzy!

See what chatbots can handle with ease

  • Automate marketing communications across multiple chats and channels
  • Improve customer experience by automating repetitive tasks and answering common questions about your products and services in chat
  • Schedule broadcast notifications about new products, promotions, special offers

Benefits of chatbot automation for your business

See how you can benefit from using the Selzy marketing platform
Increased workflow efficiency

Increased workflow efficiency

Use process automation for the entire marketing workflow, from triggered responses to personalized welcome messages.

24/7 availability

24/7 availability

Stay available 24/7 — no need for a support team to get involved with this simple and easy-to-use integration.

Streamlining repetitive tasks

Streamlining repetitive tasks

Take the routine off your shoulders — automatically capture customer contact information across messengers and websites, and save leads for future engagement.

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Don’t let unanswered messages hang — use robotic process automation to communicate with your audience.

Why companies choose Selzy’s automated messaging solution

  • Selzy

    Cost savings

    Synchronize bots with artificial intelligence and the most cost effective marketing channel using our email software at the best chatbot pricing — cut costs for your company today!

  • Selzy

    Better data insights

    Analyze customer logs across multiple marketing channels. Ttweak customer journeys and scripts as needed to improve communications.

Implementing automated chatbots made easy with Selzy


1. Build app workflows

Collect the most frequently asked user questions, find the perfect answers, add menu buttons. All within the Selzy functionality, smooth and easy.


2. Integrate your chatbot

Get a token of a bot, then add it to a Selzy account for a smooth integration


3. Send alerts

Make sure your customers receive updates and important information in the fastest and most convenient way.

Not only chatbot automation — explore all the features of our solution


Chatbot builder

Create a chatbot that automatically responds to user messages, menu choices, adjustable commands.



Segment audiences by dividing users into groups. Send tailored messages based on their interests.


Bulk email

Send email campaigns that promote your company’s products and services. Provide learning materials about the technologies you use.


50,000+ customers can't be wrong...

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What is Selzy?


Selzy is an email marketing platform with chatbot automation and the most flexible email builder on the market, trusted by 50,000+ customers worldwide. 

Is Selzy free to use?


You can send 1,500 messages to 100 contacts per month for free or go unlimited starting at just $7 per month!

Do I need any technical skills?


No, you can easily create, connect, manage bots in a simple interface right in your Selzy account.

How do I get started?


Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a Selzy account
  2. Create a customer journey, set triggers
  3. Add a chatbot to a Selzy account and start sending messages on autopilot!

Automate your chatbots easily with Selzy!

Boost customer engagement effortlessly with our automated messaging system designed for ultimate convenience.
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