Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing: Strategies for Success

  • 1 hour

Email marketing could be the best channel in ROI - when done properly, you could get on average 42 : 1 ROI. But are you really on the top of all the areas? Let’s find out together.

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We will guide you through all the areas for the best email marketing programs. All of them should get considered for superb results.

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We will share lots of examples and tips you can use almost instantly with your campaigns.

The hosts

Pavel Pola

Pavel Pola

Targeted Email Enthusiast & CEO of Etnetera Activate

He set his mission to decrease global spam, meaning not Viagra and similar “viruses”, but those emails sent by companies as a carpet bombing to all of their customers without personalization or segmentation.

Pavel values deliverability, engagement, and results the most. He believes that an average open rate higher than 60 % should not be one’s dream, but a daily routine.

“Undelivered email cannot sell” — this is Pavel’s daily mantra. He believes that it’s nice to have fancy UI, AI, and everything else, but if you don’t have the strongest reputation and excellent deliverability infrastructure, then you’re wasting your potential.

Geoffrey Brown

Geoffrey Brown

An experienced webinar creator and host

He helps local businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs succeed with social media, online reputation management, email, and content marketing.

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