The power of post-purchase emails: turning happy customers into loyal fans

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Learn how to maximize customer retention and build a community beyond revenue

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Why your post-purchase flow is the most often overlooked flow

Discover why the post-purchase flow is frequently neglected and how to optimize it for your business.

What is the gold mine that lays in customer retention

Learn the value of customer retention for your business and how to leverage it to your advantage.

How to go beyond increasing revenue with this flow and start building a community

Explore strategies for building a community around your brand and creating deeper relationships with your customers.

The hosts

Melanie Balke

Melanie Balke

CEO and Founder of The Email Marketers

She started her career in Germany in traditional marketing consulting for brands in the automotive, healthcare, and telecommunication space. Once she moved to the US, she joined one of the first made-to-order DTC furniture brands as the first marketing hire and helped scale the company to a successful acquisition.

Her passion for email took full focus when she returned to the agency world as the Head of Email Marketing for one of LA’s fastest-growing agencies.

In 2019, she founded The Email Marketers — an outsourced team of e-commerce email experts that care — to help grow scaling e-commerce businesses’ revenue and build lasting customer relationships through email marketing.

Geoffrey Brown

Geoffrey Brown

An experienced webinar creator and host

He helps local businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs succeed with social media, online reputation management, email, and content marketing.

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