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Send a free email blast of 1,500 emails to 100 contacts per month or go unlimited starting at just $7 per month!

Email blast

Email blast service for small business

Enjoy the most flexible and affordable pricing to send an unlimited email blast to your audience. No hidden fees or overwhelming features to pay for!

Choose the right plan for you. Either way, it’s unlimited:

  • Unlimited contacts to pay by email volume and reach all your new subscribers with a single email campaign.
  • Unlimited emails to pay by contact list size and get the most out of mass emailing.
  • Unlimited free trial with a fixed number of emails and contacts per month to enjoy this product for free.

Benefits of using Selzy email blast service

See how this email blast software can help you in different areas of your busine
Automation workflow

Automation workflow

Easily set up blast email automation and always be there for your customers, even if it’s 11PM on a Friday night.

Audience engagement

Audience engagement

Increase customer engagement and retention, from onboarding new subscribers to keeping old ones from churning, with Selzy’s free blast email service.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Take advantage of email blast marketing with the most flexible pricing on the market.

Increased relevance

Increased relevance

Set up automated blast email sequences to announce sales and send personalized offers based on user actions and behavior.

Free email blast service for your business

See what you get with this effective email marketing software for blasting campaign automation

Unlimited list of contacts

Reach your entire audience at once by sending an email marketing blast to an unlimited number of contacts.


24/7 customer support

Get expert help in 5 minutes via chat, email, and phone — even on the free plan. Besides troubleshooting, our team can help you analyze the results of your email blast sendings.


Campaign analytics

Track click through rates and gain valuable insights from your customers’ purchase history with this marketing platform, just as you do for website users with Google Analytics

What you get with the email blast plan

Combine mass emailing with other advanced features to make your email marketing campaigns even more effective.

Effective targeted audience segmentation

Effective targeted audience segmentation

Choose from 70+ segmentation criteria based on user preferences and specific attributes to send personalized blast emails and skyrocket your opens and CTR.

Catchy email templates

Catchy email templates

Choose from 140+ built-in responsive templates and customize the layout to your liking by simply dragging and dropping pre-designed blocks.

Planning will free up your time

Planning will free up your time

Automate the routine and spend your time on what matters most by setting up triggers for successful mass email blast.

Enhanced personalization options

Enhanced personalization options

Add a personal touch to your messages by using tags to create email subject lines and content that are unique to each user.

Automate your entire workflow

Writing email copy

Automatically create high-converting email copies in minutes with this free AI email generator.

Building email layout

Easily create your unique template by switching between drag-and-drop and HTML code editing modes with this free email marketing software.

Sending campaigns

Deeply connect with your audience by setting up automated triggered responses to every action your customers take with email automation.


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What is Selzy?


Selzy is your go-to marketing tool with free email blast service, lightning fast 24/7 support even on the free plan, and the most flexible email builder on the market, trusted by 50,000+ customers worldwide.

What is email blast service?


Simply put, it is an email marketing platform that allows you to send thousands of emails in a single campaign to reach as many people as you want at once. And yes, you can do all of that with Selzy!

Is it free to use?


Yes, you can send 1,500 emails to 100 contacts per month for free or go unlimited starting at just $7 per month.

How can I contact you?


Feel free to contact our support team via chat anytime. Our specialists are always ready to help you!

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