Antispam Policy

Selzy is a service for sending information via email, SMS and Viber.

Using Selzy, any registered user can send email messages to their subscribers, colleagues, company customers, friends, relatives, acquaintances etc. All subscribers must give their consent prior to this. Sending SMS and Viber messages is possible only for entities and registered entrepreneurs after going through the “sender’s name registration” procedure. It is important to note that different countries have different requirements for this process.

Sending unwanted messages using Selzy is strictly prohibited.

What we consider as spam

Spam is the sending of messages to contacts (including sending to one recipient) without their prior consent. Your email campaign will be rejected if you write about:

  • sex and escort services;
  • financial pyramids;
  • prohibited medicines;
  • political agitation;
  • narcotic substances and smoking mixtures;
  • any type of online earning.

There are high-risk topics on which we can allow information to be conveyed on our platform. However, a number of conditions need to be met before this is possible.

These topics are:

  • loans and credits;
  • insurance;
  • casino / slots;
  • sports betting;

Listed below are our conditions for working with such topics:

  • Payments must come in the contract account from the legal entity.
  • sending is allowed only through the primary official domain;
  • links in the email must lead to the primary official domain (no third-party redirects);
  • The domain must be configured for authentication.
  • Subscribers should come through the form with double opt-in.

Follow these guidelines when using Selzy:

  • The subject and body of the message must not contain false, incorrect or misleading information.
  • Messages should not be sent to subscribers without their prior consent.

And that’s all we ask from our customers! 🙂

Our actions in the event of non-compliance with anti-spam policy

Upon receipt of complaints related to violation of the rules of this Policy the services will be suspended pending clarification of details of violation. Freezing of unused funds is also possible for the period of clarification needed to receive. As a rule, the decision on the relevance of complaints is taken during 24 hours.

How we address the spam issues

We make every effort to ensure that messages from our service successfully reach the recipients. Therefore, to prevent spamming, we:

  • Check the contents of the email and the addresses to which it is sent. If you have no problems with the subscriber base and the email, you will not notice the check;
  • Block the accounts of those users who are trying to send spam;
  • Insert a compulsory link to unsubscribe in each sent email-message;
  • In every email-message we insert a link opt out from receiving such messages;
  • Constantly monitor public blacklists and immediately take measures to remove our mail servers from them.

As one of the measures to counter spam, we use spam traps. If an email from our senders arrives at these addresses, we automatically block the sender.

Spam complaints received from Selzy user

If you receive spam with any indication on the Selzy, please let us know by sending an email to Attach the received unwanted message to the email and indicate the date and time when you received it.

We do not cooperate with organizations or individuals who send unsolicited email messages to unconfirmed email addresses (that is, spammers). We immediately block such accounts.