Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Use Selzy pop-up forms to automatically collect users’ data and grow your email list. A popup form will appear automatically in response to a trigger — a certain action a user takes on your website.

Forms should prompt users to take an action that is useful for marketing. Such as, opt in for emails, share their contact data, agree to participate in a promotion event, and so on.

To create a pop-up form, navigate to Tools — Popup forms from the top menu in your Selzy account.

Create a new form

On the Popup forms page, click the Create The Form button.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Select a template

Choose a template you like and give it a name.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Customize your form


In the Design tab you can customize the appearance of your form.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Edit the text of your form.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Customize form behavior — the way your form will appear on the website. Add a data processing permission  message. Use <a href=”your document URL”>Privacy Policy</a>, to link users to the data processing agreement on your website.

Click Continue to save the form and proceed to the next tab.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Form display conditions

Choose the trigger to use to display the form on the website. When any of the following conditions is met, the form will be displayed.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms


You’ve chosen Leaving the page and Time spent (5 seconds). This means that the form will be displayed when a user spends more than 5 seconds on the page or when he/she tries to close the tab with the site.
Be sure to select at least one condition, otherwise the form will not appear on the website.
In the Additional settings, specify the pages on which the form will be displayed; the time frame to show the form, and other settings. The maximum number of pages is 20. You can use regular expressions to work around the limitation.


Use an asterisk:* to display the form on all pages of the website, not only the home page.

The display time set for the form uses the time zone of the browser.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

List Selection

Select the list where you want to add your contacts.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Choose the type of your form: with or without a confirmation email. We recommend using double opt-in forms. In this case, malicious users won’t be able to fill your lists with spam traps, and your emails will safely get to the Inbox.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

If you’ve chosen “The confirmation letter”, make sure to fill in the From , Sender’s name, Subject fields.


Be sure to fill in the fields for the subscription confirmation email, otherwise the form will not be activated.

You can also set up additional Selzy fields and specify the values to be recorded in these fields.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms


You have multiple websites with forms installed on them. Create an additional field named Site and link it with the website’s URL.
This way , any time a visitor submits his/her email or phone number, the link you’ve specified will be recorded in Selzy. Therefore, you will know which sites the subscribers are coming from.

Activate your form

Copy the code and add it to your website.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms
At this stage, you will see the websites where you’ve installed your code. The code is the same of all the forms you’ve created. When the code is installed, one of the active forms will appear on the website. The choice of the form will depend on the actions performed by the website visitor.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

Activate the form and save the changes.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

All your forms are available on Tools – Pop-up forms.

You can edit, copy, delete, activate and deactivate them.

Create Pop-up Signup Forms

To activate an existing form, navigate to the Activation stage — the final stage of the editing process.



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