Selzy Integration with WireCRM

WireCRM — it's just an online accounting system for clients and accounts with optional plug-ins by default in the system and there is nothing more you need to do excert to install the necessary modules.

  1. To adjust the integration, you need to register with WireCRM service in a private office or login  if you already have an account with this service. After that you need to install the application Selzy integration form the app store, it is under integration or follow the link.
  2. From Selzy, copy «key to access the API» (in the Selzy: page «Account Settings» tab «Integration and API»). Do not forget to include the access API.
  3. Insert the key into the WireCRM page of the installed application, it is then possible to link and click the Connect button, if all goes well you will see a list of available mailing lists.
  4. You can quickly export organization, contacts, contacts into Selzy and run newsletter, you need to do in the relevant section of WireCRM, select the desired boxes for export record in the Actions menu and select Export to Selzy.

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