Selzy Integration with FrontPad is a service for retail, delivery services and online shops' automatization. The software has a convenient POS interface that allows you to arrange retail sales, inventory accounting, production control, reporting and possible call-center setup.

With the help of this integration you will be able to report to clients their order status via SMS. The integration module allows you to send SMS messages via Selzy right from the FrontPad service interface.


  1. Sign up at the Selzy website (if you are not registered yet) and log in to your profile
  2. Activate access to SMS campaigns. You need to pay the invoice that is generated in your profile
  3. After this please apply to Selzy support for activation.
  4. Before Selzy activates the SMS campaign message distribution for you (the SMS icon must turn green), it is impossible to send SMS messages.
  5. After SMS campaign access activation, go to account settings in the Selzy mailing service profile by clicking on username in the top right corner of the page and selecting the ‘Account settings’ item from the dropdown list
  6. Go to Integration and API, set the Current API status to ON mode and copy the API access key in the corresponding line.
  7. Go to, and login to your profile, select the General settings section, item SMS messages.
  8. Fill in the fields Key, Sender, Message and choose the sending method.

«Key» field

You can get the Selzy API access key after registration at the Selzy website, in the Account Settings section — Integration and API; you must also authorize access to API.

«Sending method» field

This defines the way you wish to send messages, either manually or automatically, depending on the order status.

In order to send the messages manually, go to the Orders section, click on the phone number and the button of the required status.

«Sender» field

The phone number or name must consist of 11 Latin symbols and digits. Note! It may be impossible to send messages as it depends on the country and your mobile network operator. To get more details, see the Selzy reference.

«Message» field

You can insert the client’s name and order amount automatically into the message. In order to do this, paste the following line where it belongs in the message.

  • Name - %name%
  • Order amount - %amount%

Important! Price can vary depending on the characters number in a message.

More details about FrontPad features here (in Russian).

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