Selzy integration with Bitrix24

You can automate business processes of your company and earn more profit by using Selzy integration with Bitrix24.

Customer segmentation will allow you to create personalized campaigns for specific groups of users, who are most interested in your offer.

What functions are in Bitrix24 integration with Selzy:

There are three types of integration:

  1. Basic — free
  2. Premium
  3. Automatic letters

Most important functions:

  • Segmenting the contact base by main and user fields in Bitrix24.
  • Saving the list to launch a campaign entities (Lead, Contact, Company, Employees, Lists) by it.
  • Creating a letter to a client or group of contacts from Bitrix24 in HTML, using the block visual editor Selzy.
  • [For HR] A campaign for its employees in the Bitrix24 portal.
  • [Automation] Sending automated campaigns from Bitrix24 via Business Processes statuses on entities Lead, Contact, Company, Transaction - for example, when, depending on the status of the Lead, a certain letter is being sent based on a template.
  • Notifications in Buzz of Contact, Lead, Company, and Employees by campaign status. Now you will understand how a particular recipient responds to your letters.
  • Merge tags of Name, Name-Surname in the body of the letter. This data is taken from the fields of your Bitrix24.
  • Using a deferred campaign, you can prepare a campaign for a specific date and time. You can repeat the campaign for a similar list or a modified list of recipients by using the same campaign template.

Integration Knowledge Base

All questions and suggestions for integration can be left on the forum.

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