Subscription Forms

Selzy’s Subscription Form is a form for collecting contacts, which you can place on your site to automatically collect contacts immediately into the Selzy contact list.

To automatically collect contacts you need to:

Step 1. Mailing List

Create a list in the User’s Profile:


Step 2. Subscription Form

2.1. Create a form

On the panel, select «Tools» — «Signup forms» and click «Create a new form».

We get into the subscription form editor.

There are 2 categories in the editor:

  • Blocks;
  • Styles.

2.2. Style of the Form

In the «Styles» category set the parameters for how the form will look. Click «Styles» — «Subscription Form».

Set the following parameters:

  • Name;
  • Width;
  • Background color of the container;
  • Background color;
  • Form location;
  • Font;
  • Block frame;
  • Block indents.

We set the name and style to the form.

2.3. Blocks of the Form

Go to the «Blocks»category. The form will have a header; therefore we add text blocks:

The form will contain a picture. Select the «Image» block and add a picture.

Add the remaining blocks of the form:

2.3.1. «Text» Field

Write a header. It should be bright and attract attention. Click the «Styles» button and edit the header text.

Under the header we should add a motivating text in which we state what we want them to do.

2.3.2.«Email» Field

Edit the «Email», field, specify the necessary parameters for us:

2.3.3. «Date» Field

For example, we need to know the date of birth:

2.3.4. «Select one value» Field

Set the value so that the user chooses one option. For example: Do people want to receive discounts from our partners?

2.3.5. «Drop-down list» Field

We can set the name not only for that which the person chooses, but also that which we have in the list.

2.3.6. «Mailing lists» Field

Mark the lists to which a person can subscribe.

We can add additional text at the end of the form.

2.3.7. «Button» Field

Edit button in «Style».


Step 3. Bind a form to a list

Go to the Form Settings and select the list into which the contacts from the form will go.

Step 4. Set up the confirmation email (double opt-in)

After subscribing, a confirmation email is sent to the person. If you do not specify , from whom the letter will be sent, then the person will not be able to subscribe to your newsletter. Therefore:

  1. Go to «Contacts» — «Contact Lists» and select the list you need.
  2. Click «Subscription and Unsubscribe Tools»:
  3. Write the subject, name and email of the sender:

    Note, that the email must be confirmed.
  4. Create an email. You can leave a letter template or edit it.

You can also change the link to the confirmation page, which will open after the contact confirms his/her subscription in the letter. On the tab «Subscription and Unsubscribe Tools» select «Pages and Links». Substitute your link in the «Page after subscription» line.

Congratulations! Now you can customize the automatic collection of contacts.

How to create a pop-up subscription form

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