validateSender method

The method sends a message to the email address with a link to confirm the address as the return address. After clicking on this link, you can send messages on behalf of this email address.

Limitations: if the confirmed address belongs to the domain for which the DMARC policy is set that does not allow sending mailings, the method will return an error, and the confirmation message will not be sent.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
validateSender (string email, string login)
api_key * API access key.
email * Email address that you want to substitute in the «From» field of messages sent. A message with a unique confirmation link will be sent to this address to be checked. After you click on this link, the address will be considered as checked and can be entered in the «From» field. In order to prevent abusing, a message is sent with a standard theme and text, but you can select a message language specifying the desired language in the method’s URL.
login Login of the user who will be allowed to use the return address. The reseller can indicate the login of "its" user here. If the login is not specified, the address will be linked to the user calling the method.
Return value
Result of a successful method call:

     "message": "Confirmation letter was sent"

The result of executing the method with an attempt to confirm an address belonging to a domain with a DMARC policy that does not allow to send mailings:

  "error": "SZ151225-04 [You cannot send mailings from: DMARC policy that does not allow to send
    mailings from the domain addresses. If you are a domain owner, please contact
    customer support to adjust settings.]",
  "code": "invalid_arg"

If other errors or warnings occur, they will be returned in the standard manner.

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